Na`Vi win silver at HBA


Heroes Battle Arena was the first big tournament after the world championship, as well as the first serious challenge for the renewed roster of Born to Win.


HBA started quite late for International Natus Vincere  - our team played its first group stage match later than everybody else. A few more decisions were to be made in order to complete a new roster, and we chose to do it slowly but surely. This approach proved to be effective after all, as the Born to Win five breezed past the group stage without a single loss, leaving such teams as InternationalFnatic, PolandG2 Esports and Russian FederationKiev6-1 behind.


Having reached the playoffs, Na`Vi crushed Kiev6-1 in semifinals and were only one last battle away from becoming the champions. This battle promised to be the hardest one, though, as Born to Win had to meet the European mix Fnatic for the second time. The grand-final match with the title at stake was extremely intense, both teams put 110% effort to win, but it was Fnatic who managed to clutch a victory. Born to Win came off second best. 

Na`Vi.HotS roster

DenmarkАlexander Grumstrup   «AlexTheProG»

Bulgaria Aleksandar Milanov    «ethernal»

SloveniaМаtic Mikec     «Zarmony»

Denmark Мartin Rugh    «Crozzby»

Spain Fran Nunez

Prize pool

top 1 place — InternationalFnatic — 5 000 $

top 2 place — InternationalNatus Vincere — 3 500 $

top 3 place — InternationalTeam Dignitas — 1 500 $

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