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It's been a while since you read an interview with one of image Na`Vi players and today we want to change it by presenting you an interview with our CS-team leader Sergey "starix" Ischuk. During our talk Sergey told us about his own impressions about our recent change to CS:GO, as well as his streams, most memorable events in his e-Sports career and image Na`Vi vs image fnatic opposition. 




Hello Sergey! Many teams that actively played CS 1.6 now not winning in CS: GO. You jave just decided to play this game ... Do you feel like “catching up”?
Starix: Hi Olezhka! It’s not a secret that they all changed the game only because there were no tournaments for CS 1.6 and the future ones would deal just with CS: GO. I do not think all these players (who have changed to CS: GO) are satisfied with this game :) Taking into account that we are a professional Counter-Strike team, in this situation we had two options: the 1st was to try ourselves in this totally new game and the 2nd one was simply to say good-bye to Counter-Strike. In general, as you already know we chose the second option, so the time will show us the consequences of our choice.


Tell us about your feelings about the game with your hand upon your heart? I know that you know the game slightly but share your impressions with us?
Starix:  *He put his hand on heart, closed his eyes and said: I played it only during the show match against Fnatic at Dreamhack, after that I didn’t want to start playing it again :)))). Now as you know, the situation has already changed and we started playing the game actively. I do not want to think ahead, will we manage or not, but we will do our best to succeed.*


When should we expect streams from you? What will you stream and how often?
Starix:  I will stream 2 times per week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Call of duty, World of WarCraft, Battlefield (just kidding). Of course, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


What would you think if Markeloff have decided to continue his professional eSports career in Dota 2?
Starix:  GGBB.


Does his hobby bothers your team?
Starix:  In 2010 before pracs we all played CS, and after practice matches we tried to analyze our mistakes, modify our tactics, flashes and ticks. Now everybody just does what he wants as long as there is no practice. Why can’t he do what he likes? Even if it’s Dota 2?


Year 2012 - this is probably the year of your being runner-ups. What does this period mean for you and your team?
Starix:  * I remember mTw ;) * We had a year of third places as well nothing bad happened.
Yes, it’s hard, annoying, offensive, but okay, okay, okay :)


If you had a chance to supervise Na `Vi Junior, would you take young talents in your hands?
Starix:  Why not, I would try. I don’t want to be a teacher (or a mentor =)) but I think I could pass my knowledge :)


You were runner-ups almost every time because of fnatic overplayed you with different lineups. How do you explain this situation with them? Do they really succeed to pick up the key to your game every time?
Starix: The question about the key is very difficult and philosophical one. Fnatic is a really strong team in terms of individual game, but I think that as a team we are stronger. At the last tournament we lost ourselves, it is very annoying :( I think that we ought to beat them on the next tournament.




Your training base has been recently upgraded with new gaming laptops by Alienware. Tell me how do you feel about them? Do they have a big difference compared to PCs?
Starix:   We used on them before our practice for the championship in Portugal. I would say that these laptops can replace PCs, one just needs to buy a monitor. As for playing, they were really cool!


Which CS 1.6 tournament of 2012 you remember the most?
Starix:   * Which tournaments we had this year? * Dreamhack, for sure =)


Recently you made a profile on Facebook, right? Tell me about it?
Starix:   Yes, but this is my Fan Page, where I will answer all the questions and I’ll make announcement of streams there as well. In addition to FB, I’ll make the announcements in VK-page, in our group and on my twitter.


Which book was the last for you to read?
Starix:   Recently I haven’t read at all, but now I read the 1st volume of the book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


If you were asked, “How to become a professional in your discipline?, what would you advise?
Starix:   To watch streams of top players/teams, pay a certain amount of hours to the game, work on the mistakes and not to give up =)


What do you think about the Na `Vi Kana design? Do you know when it will be released?
Starix:   If this is the design which we voted for, then I do not like it =) As for the date of release I do not know anything, but I think that it would be at the end of the year.


How often do you, as a professional have your device broken?
Starix:   It all depends on the carefulness of the person. I still have my first keyboard 6GV2 at home. The thing which I have to change the most often is my pad; I do it once in two months as it’s getting dirty or wear out the most. SteelSeries produces cool devices which meet my demands.


What can you tell your fans? Greetings or thanks?
Starix:   I wish brilliant victories, beautiful frags and never give up to my fans! I send my greetings to Arbalet (thanks him a lot.) Vyacheslav Butusov, Yuri Shevchuk, Zoi (he's alive) and Oleg “prb.”


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