Shanghai Major Open Quals Announced

The open qualifier registration for the Shanghai Major is now open. The open quals will take place between January 3rd to the 6th, with the winners of each region moving on to the closed qualifiers. There will be 1024 slots open for each region, and all matches will be played in Captain Mode. Players who have already been invited to the closed qualifiers will not be allowed to participate in the open competition. The format will be Bo1 until the semifinals when it will switch to a Bo3 match style.
As of right now, only premade teams and mixed teams are allowed to join the competition, but soon this will change. On December 22nd teams will have the option to sign up with 7 players, 5 being the core roster with 2 as substitutes. However, substitutions will only be allowed in the closed qualifier, so the teams are encouraged to set their main roster before the open qualifiers begin. Teams entering are allowed to enter in both open qualifiers, so there is a bit of flexibility for teams for figure out which roster works best for them.
From the open qualifiers, teams will move on to the main qualifier for a chance to make it to the Shanghai Major itself.  The Major will take place from March 2nd till the 6th, ending in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai. This tournament will feature a $3,000,000 prize pool, but the prize money distribution has yet to be announced. Registry for the open qualifier can be found here
The Schedule of events is as follows:

Day 1


1st Qualifier - January 3rd

2nd Qualifier  - January 5th


  • SEA - Check in starts at 11:00 SGT, Tournament begins at 13:00 SGT


  • EU - Check in starts at 11:00 CET, Tournament begins at 13:00 CET


  • NA - Check in starts at 10:00 CDT, Tournament begins at 12:00 CDT

Day 2


1st Qualifer - January 4th

2ndQualifier - January 6th


  • SEA - Tournament begins at 13:00 SGT


  • EU - Tournament begins at 13:00 CET


  • NA - Tournament begins at 13:00 CDT


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#1 ua n3g4t1v3 20 December 2015, 06:29
Artsyle start practicing! Plz pick aggressive supports coz your not a def support player. Even if you pick dazzle play aggressive. I hope you can come up new stuff for 6.86. Good luck u guys
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