The Shanghai Major Tickets are on sale

Valve announced that the tickets for the Shanghai Major will be available for pre-order from the 10th of January. Contrary to the event in Frankfurt every day of the competition will require a ticket to be seen live, not only the final day.
There will be three types of tickets available: VIP Package, General Admission Pack and Daily pass. With VIP Package you will get admission to all event days with a better and exclusive VIP gift pack, while General Admission Pack grants admission to all event days, with an exclusive non-VIP gift pack. General Admission Day pass will only grants admission to a specified event day, with no gift pack. The prizes of the tickets are as follows.
At the moment of writing this article: 1¥ ~ 0,14€
A few important things to note are that tickets of Shanghai Major only grant one access to the venue per day (Food and drinks are supposed to be available in the venue). Additionally, all ticket holders must take seats according to the specified ticket number, no changes allowed. Each spectator can purchase up to two tickets and they cannot be refunded after being purchased. Finally, the Dota 2 Concert that will take place during the event is part of Shanghai Major and can be accessed with tickets for the Grand Finals. 
The Shanghai Major will take place from the 3rd of March to the 6th of March at the Mercedes -  Benz Arena. The tournament will feature 16 teams all across the globe battling it out for their share of $3,000,000 prize pool. Unfortunately Natus Vincere will not be one of those teams. Read more on our situation here.
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