New Treasure in Compendium


The recent update introduced a number of new sets to a game client, which are, however, available only for the owners of Fall Compendium as a reward for a level-up. The first treasure called Tribute of the Sharpened Feather can be obtained on 50th level.


That's how a new Treasure looks like


Algid Falcon


The first are the new items for Dota 2 most accurate archer — Drow Ranger Drow Ranger, though Windranger Windranger might argue that. The new set reminds us of the elven armor from Tolkien's books or Roman legionaries, who sent thousands of arrows on their enemies.  Anyway, the work is remarkable, so it will find its fans.


The insertions of brightblue strips look both beautiful and mysterious. The set has 8 items including loading screen.


Burning Jack Bomber 


"The wood in this set is fireproof, but I don't know its secret" - the creator of the set jokes. Trully, the material doesn't fit well with such a hot hero, Batrider Batrider is. However, we can't help admiring the beauty of the items (including the robot mouse). 



The hero throws pumpkins instead of bombs which reminds us of Helloween. The set has 5 items, a robot-mouse and a loading screen.


Toll of the Fearful Aria


The set was created in cooperation with one of the most extraordinary players of Dota 2 pro scene - Canada Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao. There's no surprise they chose Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin, since after the renovation, he looks like an anime hero. Japanese animation is the passion of EternalEnVy, who got the nickname of EE-sama.


It's always amazing to see how new items look on heroes, who have Arcana items. Phantom Assassin looks just amazing! There are 5 items and a loading screen.


Erupting Wrath


Frankly speaking, this set for Magnus Magnus isn't the best one of all such works, which are presented in Workshop. However, some players might like it. All the items are made in volcanic style. 


What is really worth attention is the belt! Such elaboration of details is seldom found. Though the belt  can only be seen well in static, while Dota 2 is a very active game. The set has 5 items and loading screen.


Flightless Fury


This set for Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit drew much attention and was much discussed when it was first introduced in the Workshop. It collected many likes and had to wait for its turn to emerge in one of the treasures by Valve. Finally it's released and now all the fans can get the set if the level of Compendium and blind chance enable them to do it.



The quantity of armor is impressive. The set consists of 4 items and a loading screen

Spiteful Eye


One of the two rare drops is Spiteful Eye, which introduces both unusual set for Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman and non-standard Mass Serpent Ward. Still it is strange why this particular work became rare, rather than the previous set for Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit.


The textures of the Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman's wards are rather plain, though they can still be told from the standard ones. The set compounds of 6 items and a loading screen.



Another rare drop is Infuser, which adds an effect to items in each set. The items, which can be improved are listed below.


Drow Ranger Drow Ranger — Algid Legacy Batrider Batrider — Queen of the Burning Jack Bomber Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin — Armor of the Fearful Aria
Magnus Magnus — Slab of the Erupting Wrath Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit — Blade of the Flightless Fury Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman — Shade of the Spiteful Eye


Thundergod's Chariot for Zeus Zeus, which won Arcana status, is worth noting. It has no textures yet, but the effects are available. The screenshot below is a beta, so the final version can be very different.



Which variant will Valve present after The Frankfurt Major? We'll have to wait for the updates, which not only will fulfil the promises of The International 2015 Compendium,  but also might introduce new hero (or a couple of heroes) along with substantial changes in ingame balance.

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