Natus Vincere in a show-match at WePlay

A couple of weeks ago, team Natus Vincere decided to participate in a show-match organized by WePlay. Last time their opponent was EG who couldn't put any significant pressure on the guys.


As we learned yesterday, Natus Vincere will have their second show-match. This time Na`Vi will face whoever you select out of two teams: RoX.KiS and Team Liquid. To do so, vote on the official Facebook page.


Despite the poll being still in the process, we can almost safely determine that Na`Vi will play against RoX.KiS which isn't all that surprising, to be honest, considering the large Russian-speaking fan base of this team.


image Natus Vincere [4:0] image RoX.KiS


The match will be played on 5 maps. Every single victory will award a team with $200. If a team manages to get a 4-1 score, the guys will get additional $200. In case of the flawless victory (5-0) the winning team will get a $500 bonus.


All the matches will be casted in two languages.

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