Na`Vi dominates STARK in SL i-League qualifiers

After a little break, our Dota 2 roster is back in action as they played against Finland STARK in SL i-League European qualifiers. The match was vital as the winner would advance to Relegation Matches while the loser would be eliminated. And Ukraine Natus Vincere have come in form! Ukraine Danil «Dendi» Ishutin shone on his signature Templar Assassin Templar Assassin and led the team to a dominating 2-0 victory.
In that match Ukraine Na`Vi’s lineup was, of course, Dendi as well as Russian Federation Akbar «SoNNeikO» Butaev, but they were also joined by Ukraine Ivan «ArtStyle» Antonov, Russian Federation Dmitry «Ditya Ra» Minenkov and Russian Federation Dmitry «Ax.Mo» Morozov who played support, carry and offlane respectively. Additionally, ArtStyle took the role of the drafter for this match.
Na`Vi's final stats from game 1.
Ukraine Na`Vi looked sharp, ready and hungry to get through to another round. ArtStyle in both games went for aggressive drafts based around Templar Assassin Templar Assassin for DendiTusk Tusk for SoNNeikO and QoP Queen of Pain which rotated between carry and offlane role. With that, the Ukrainian squad was able to dominate the laning phase and snowball from there thanks to their mobility and incredible burst that Dendi provided with his TA, which was on top of the net worth the whole match. 
STARK , on the other hand, opted for Alchemist Alchemist mid and Gyro Gyro safelane in both games. However, Alch wasn’t able to get up to speed being completely dominated in lane by Dendi . Things didn’t look much better for Gyro either, as well as the rest of STARK in both games as relentless pressure combined with the timely rotations not only shut down their farm but also resulted in kills for the Ukrainian squad. 
Na`Vi's final stats from game 2.
Overall, in the entire match, Ukraine Na`Vi was in control the whole time, not allowing STARK any wiggle room. Building on their laning advantage, they were able to snowball in the midgame with the right movement and successful team fights. Then, it was only the matter of time for their opponents to call GG. 
With this victory, Ukraine Na`Vi finished second in their group, behind the Fall Major champions International OG, and have advanced to the Relegation Matches. Now, they will face off against Russian Federation Hell Raisers for a spot in the second round of the qualifiers (click here for the explanation of the SL i-League format). 
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