SL i-League S3: Best moments


International Natus Vincere G2A’s Dota 2 roster recently debuted at SL i-League S3 qualifiers, where they had to pass their first real test of strength facing several well-known tier one opponents. We hope that you had a chance to watch the stream live, but just in case you missed it below are the highlights from our best qualifier games. Check them out to learn why Biver is often regarded as one of the most skillful Rubick players around, while Dendi’s Magnus is usually seen being a first-phase ban against our team.


Dendi’s unbeatable Magnus 


Ukraine Dendi has vast experience of playing Magnus Magnus with a total of 130 matches, where he scored a decent win rate of 68.46 percent. After SL qualification stage Danil’s individual statistics went up even higher – he obtained victory three times against zero losses in the team’s recent matches, demonstrating good reaction time as well as smart positioning and target selection. 



On top of that, Dendi’s hero has been making a huge difference in teamfigths, helping allied heroes at just the right time while making sure to use Empower on his cores and also trying to foresee enemy rotations. It is likely that we will soon see even more Magnus games due to his strong ganking potential and a great area-of-effect disable, which can be exploited to the team’s advantage. 




Talent usage


Biver’s Rubick


Denmark Biver’s Rubick Rubick play has been another topic of great interest. - he appeared in 10 games of our team and was able to take 5 wins. Given that the team did not use to pick this hero previously, some of the fans have been surprised by how often he appears in our drafts. Nonetheless, this and some other changes to Na`Vi's playstyle evince that our newcomers do their part diligently and are ready to experiment with different hero picks and tactics. 



Biver stayed one step ahead of opponents every time and was able to estimate the situation correctly: he was stealing the most valuable skills and setting up nice engagements. Aside from using Slardar Slardar’s Slithereen Crush stun and Mirana Mirana’s Sacred Arrow masterfully, he took part in ganks, saved his teammates' lives and even tried to initiate team fights. 




Talent usage


Pajkatt's rampage


The match against  International Team Secret was played on January 30 and ended with a tie score. Our players were losing early on, but 17 minutes into the game a big teamfight happened where Na`Vi took off four enemy heroes with no casualties on their side. Sweden Pajkatt led the net worth chart throughout the game building up a substantial advantage which was eventually solidified by a Roshan kill. At minute 27, Na`Vi attempted a highground push and even managed to take down one of the towers, but victory was still not assured as Team Secret players were able to defend their base and got the initiative back. 



Despite the shift in momentum, our players pulled off another comeback and headed towards the enemy base again. Apart from being buffed by Empower, Juggernaut Juggernaut was accompanied by Weaver Weaver who was armed and ready to move his carry 5 seconds back any moment. The next few minutes went back and forth, until Secret managed to gain an upper hand, but Na`Vi were not ready to give up and began to fight back with a zeal. The final teamfight happened near Team Secret’s base where a successful Reverse Polarity, Empower and great teamwork helped us to finish the game. 


Comeback against Ad Finem


Another interesting series was played between International Natus Vincere and GreeceAd Finem - right from the start it was obvious that both teams came well prepared. They took turns dominating teamfights with swings in advantage and lead. Then the match hit a new level of suspense and by minute 20 we had already seen enough frags to make a great highlight reel. Despite ganks and teamfights happening all around, Na`Vi lost their first barracks only at minute 40. 



The next fight only worsened the situation as it saw Na`Vi losing four players and Roshan. Afterwards they made another mistake which cost them the second set of barracks, but were fortunately able to defend the base after winning a crucial teamfight when opponents entered the highground for the third time. Greece Ad Finem’s heroes were forced to buy back to rejoin the fight and push our team out, but Luna Luna was so quick at taking down their structures that soon there was nothing to defend. Sensational comeback and what a victory for Na`Vi!


SL i-League S3 qualifiers gave our team a plenty of matches to analyze and now the players are actively preparing for their future games. The progress is clearly evident and we are certain that the guys will continue to grow and develop. We wish them the best luck at DAC 2017!

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