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The first LAN event of the Dota 2 calendar for 2016 is almost upon us. SL i-League StarSeries will be held between the 13th and 17th of January in Minsk, where the teams will fight for a total prizepool of $300,000. Ukraine Natus Vincere is among the participants, making their first LAN appearance after The International 2015.


The event will showcase an elite line-up of competitors - the majority of the most important teams will be present in Belarus. The total of twelve team were divided into two groups of six. All group stage games will be best-of-one battles, with the top three teams advancing into the next stage of the competition.


The single elimination knockout stage will begin on the 15th of January in the Minsk Arena, in front of an 18000 crowd. The 2nd and the 3rd placed squads will play each other in the quarterfinals and the winner or these two games will meet the 1st teams of the group stage in the semi-finals. At this phase of the event all games will be best-of-three series up until the final, which will be a best-of-five.


v1lat announcing the sold out event


Starladder also released the talent line-up, welcoming many familiar faces and community favorites to the event. The complete list of personalities can be seen below.


Complete list of talent invited for SL i-League StarSeries


Ukraine Natus Vincere was drawn together with the winner of TI5 United States Evil Geniuses and their old rival Sweden Alliance. The three are joined by the Chinese powerhouse China LGD Gaming who stormed through the Shanghai Major Qualifiers, as well as Malaysia Fnatic, who themselves won the Regionals of their territory. The group is completed by Russian Federation Team Spirit, a familiar face with whom Na`Vi played together in the EU Qualifiers.


# Teams
1. Ukraine Natus Vincere
2. United States Evil Geniuses
3. Sweden Alliance
4. China LGD Gaming
5. Russian Federation Team Spirit
6. Malaysia Fnatic
# Teams
1. International Team Secret
2. Russian Federation
3. Russian Federation Vega Squadron

International Team Liquid

5. China Wings Gaming
6. United States compLexity Gaming


Complete schedule for the event
Time (CET) Match 1 Match 2


9:20 Sweden Alliance VS United States Evil Geniuses China LGD Gaming VS Malaysia Fnatic
10:40 Sweden Alliance VS Ukraine Natus Vincere China LGD Gaming VS Russian Federation Team Spirit
12:00 Ukraine Natus Vincere VS Malaysia Fnatic Russian Federation Team Spirit VS United States Evil Geniuses
13:20 Malaysia Fnatic VS Sweden Alliance United States Evil Geniuses VS China LGD Gaming
14:40 Russian Federation Team Spirit VS Ukraine Natus Vincere Russian Federation Vega Squadron VS China Wings Gaming
16:00 International Team Secret VS Russian Federation International Team Liquid VS United States compLexity Gaming
17:20 China Wings Gaming VS Russian Federation International Team Liquid VS Russian Federation Vega Squadron
18:40 China Wings Gaming VS United States compLexity Gaming Russian Federation Vega Squadron VS International Team Secret
20:00 United States compLexity Gaming VS Russian Federation International Team Secret VS International Team Liquid


9:20 Ukraine Natus Vincere VS China LGD Gaming Malaysia Fnatic VS Russian Federation Team Spirit
10:40 Sweden Alliance VS China LGD Gaming Malaysia Fnatic VS United States Evil Geniuses
12:00 Sweden Alliance VS Russian Federation Team Spirit United States Evil Geniuses VS Ukraine Natus Vincere
13:20 China Wings Gaming VS International Team Liquid Russian Federation Vega Squadron VS United States compLexity Gaming
14:40 Russian Federation VS International Team Liquid United States compLexity Gaming VS International Team Secret
16:00 Russian Federation VS Russian Federation Vega Squadron International Team Secret VS China Wings Gaming


8:00 3rd place of Group A VS 2nd place of Group B
10:40 3rd place of Group B VS 2nd place of Group A


09:00 / 10:00 TBD VS 1st place of Group A
11:40 / 12:40 TBD VS 1st place of Group B


12:00 / 13:00 TBD VS TBD


Minsk Arena


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