SL i-League: Preview of Na`Vi's group

It is that time when we ought to take a look at UkraineNatus Vincere’s group in the 2nd round of SL i-League qualifiers, give you some information about their opponents and what to expect from them. As UkraineNa`Vi advanced from the 1st stage through the Relegation Matches, they have shown some great Dota. It is time to kick the game up a notch as the LAN finals’ spots are on line!
The 2nd phase of the European qualifiers in SL i-League is another group stage with 8 teams divided into groups of 4. Top 2 from each division will advance straight into the LAN finals while the bottom 2 will battle it out in a Single Elimination Last Chance bracket for the 5th and final EU spot at the event. 
UkraineNa`Vi is part of group A alongside the Fall Major champions InternationalOG, as well as Ukraine Alliance and Russian FederationVirtus.Pro who have beed directly seeded into this stage of the competition based on their results in the past. 
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OG Dota 2 will definitely be the hardest opponent in the group as they have recently won the Frankfurt Major as well as Dream League 4. With that being said, OG’s offlaner - CanadaDavid «MoonMeander» Tan revealed that CIS teams gave his team the hardest time and they can not predict their movement. Additionally, the European team has been traveling a lot recently, going from one event to another and probably didn’t have much time to study their opponents. Because of that, UkraineNa`Vi has a great chance to surprise their opponents and, being a true-born CIS squad, definitely can not be counted out. 
When it comes to OG playstyle, they have a couple of favourite heroes that they pick up whenever they get a chance. It’s Io Io, Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend -- probably the strongest heroes of Sweden Andreas «Cr1t-» Franck and JordanAmer «Miracle-» al-Barqawi, respectively. Something that UkraineNa`Vi should also be wary of are IndiaJohan «N0tail» Sundstein’s Tiny Tiny as well as a pocket pick for the team -  Meepo Meepo, which is often last picked by the European squad.
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After the return of their former captain - Ukraine Gustav «s4» Magnusson, Alliance had been on a rise and managed to qualify for the Frankfurt Major. However, recently their fighting spirit seems to be shaky. They placed last in their group at the Fall Major, and eventually finished Top 12 at the event. They have also been eliminated from Dream League after two 2-0 defeats. 
What to expect from Alliance in terms of picks? Well, the Swedish roster doesn’t seem to have an absolutely top priority heroes like OG. However, they are one of a few teams that might still pull out a Leshrac Leshrac who will be played by s4; he also plays Windranger Windranger mid. And, of course, an offlane Natures Prophet Natures Prophet is always a possibility. 
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UkraineNa`Vi's last opponent in the group will be Virtus.Pro, who have decided to stick with the same roster after the Top 6 finish at TI 5. However, their performance ever since probably wasn’t what the team had in mind when making that decision-- finishing in the bottom half at each of 3 events they attended before the Major and placing in Top 8 in Frankfurt is not a desired result. Although the result in Germany is respectable, the word is that the team isn’t satisfied with it and the stability of the current roster is in question.
VP is known for their somewhat unconventional style of drafting as they often opt for heroes such as Drow Ranger Drow Ranger, Silencer Silencer, Visage Visage and even carry Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit. They are probably the most aggressive team out of those UkraineNa`Vi will face in their group and the one that definitely likes to push early. 
UkraineNa`Vi’s first match in the second round will be at the 1st of December at 17:00 CET -- they will face OG. Let’s wish them the best of luck!
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