SL i-League S3: Another tie


Our first match of the day was our team playing against GreeceAd Finem. Despite a quick loss in the first game, we were able to pull off an incredible victory in the second game to tie the series 1-1.


UkraineNatus Vincere.G2A VS GreeceAd Finem [0:1]

Draft for Game 1
For the first match, Ad Finem opened the draft with the Slardar pick. We replied with the support Rubick Rubick and Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend which was followed with the Dark Seer Dark Seer by Ad Finem. For the next phase we picked Beastmaster Beastmaster and Undying Undying, while Ad Finem got Windranger Windranger and Chen Chen. The Greeks were able to last pick Necrophos Necrophos while we ended the draft phase with the Luna Luna pick.
The lanes were pretty standard, except Ad Finem decided to go solo safe lane and leave 2 heroes on the off lane as Chen could easily easily help Necrophos on the safe lane in case things go south. Ad Finem got the jump on UkraineGeneRaL and secured first blood while Dendi got taken down by GreeceSsaSpartan and GreeceThuG. Despite the early losses, SwedenPajkatt was able to hold onto his lane as he was able to get 2 kills in quick succession to tie the score back to 2-2.
Player statistics at 11 minutes.
Ad Finem definitely had the momentum as they took the top Tier 1 tower in 5 minutes and brought the score to 3-6 in their favor but SwedenPajkatt was still farming safely so we had our hopes up. By 15 minutes it looked as if everything was falling apart when Ad Finem got Roshan and two of our Tier 2 towers, but then they tower dived us and it resulted in a 4-2 tradeoff in our favor. This helped our net worth a lot, as everyone got a nice amount of gold from it.
The next few minutes were pretty quiet, as both teams safely farmed and just pushed different lanes from time to time, but after that Ad Finem got another Aegis for the Windranger Windranger, and with that backup they tried to push high ground. They were able to get the bottom melee barrack but it was a 2-1 tradeoff in our favor so we were still fighting till the very end.
Player Statistics by 20 minutes.
We tried to do a smoke gank but it was spotted by the enemy observer ward. They attempted to get a jump on us but failed to catch us off guard. We only lost UkraineDendi but this could have been even much worse if the teamfight continued. We were able to reply back by picking off Necrophos Necrophos wandering alone. By 35 minutes it looked like we were making our way back into the game as the score was 18-14 in favor of Ad Finem but we still had to win a couple of good teamfights and actually push, as the enemy team still had more towers standing.
Ad Finem were able to get the third Roshan and afterwards they pushed high ground; they just seemed unstoppable and we had to call "gg" as we went down 0-1 in the best-of-two series. We hope to still tie this and not lose the second game as each game matters in the qualifiers.
Player items and statistics at game end.

UkraineNatus Vincere.G2A VS GreeceAd Finem [1:1]

Draft for Game 2.


For the second game, the first phase saw some familiar faces as we picked Rubick Rubick and Luna Luna while Ad Finem took Slardar Slardar again alongside Batrider Batrider. Afterwards we picked Weaver Weaver and Nyx Assassin Nyx Assassin which was replied by the Necrophos Necrophos and Pudge Pudge. For the last pick Ad Finem actually took the Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend while we ended the draft with the Queen of Pain Queen of Pain pick.
The first few minutes were pretty quiet but UkraineDendi was able to get the first blood on the Slardar Slardar with the help of the Rubick Rubick, giving him a good gold bonus. Afterwards there were some ganks by both teams back and forth. Ad Finem tried to gank Pajkatt but it really costed them as they lost 3 heroes just for the Luna and the score was tied at 5-5 by 10 minutes.
Player statistics at 12 minutes.
Later on a couple of teamfights broke out after which the score turned out to be 7-8 in favor of Ad Finem, but afterwards they failed a gank which helped us take the lead with a 9-8 scoreline. Afterwards we had a 1-1 tradeoff with our Luna Luna being caught off guard. but we were able to destroy their second Tier 1 tower so we were still taking objectives to pressure the enemies.
By 18 minutes we were leading with a 15-11 score, and Dendi was looking unstoppable as he was getting kills in every teamfight and he could easily help Luna get some space and farm for his items. The game was slowed down afterwards, as both teams farmed quietly with only a few pickoffs from time to time.
The next 20 minutes seemed to be the same, as the score was 19-18 in our favor with barely any teamfights happening. Ad Finem were starting to mount a comeback so we had to finish the match as soon as possible as we risked losing this match if they keep getting pick-offs.
Player statistics at 40 minutes.
An unfortunate fight happened in the midlane, as we have lost 4 heroes, taking only Pudge Pudge in return. Weaver’s Aghanim’s recently purchased, did a lot of work for us as it delayed the deaths. Still, another fight broke out just after, and this one was a good one for us, as we lost supports in return for higher-priority targets; Luna’s buyback, though, was a slight downside. Just a bit later we made Pudge use his own buyback in another good fight, where we claimed Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend for ourselves - the damage output of both Luna Luna and Queen of Pain Queen of Pain was too much to withstand. This helped Weaver Weaver build his BKB too which would help alot as it will prevent most of their stuns.
We had a failed teamfight, as they picked off 3 of our heroes one by one and were able to force buybacks from our team when the Necrophos Necrophos got a triple kill. Ad Finem tried to high ground but we fought back and killed 4 of their heroes which gave us a chance to push and force their buybacks. We backed off as they used their buybacks, when our goal was accomplished. Afterwards we started to go high ground as the Luna glaives were destroying the whole base, and we were able to get two set of barracks. Destroying the last set, we got mega creeps while we killed 3 of their heroes without any buyback, so we have pulled off a spectacular victory for the game after 68 minutes, as we tied the series 1-1.
Player items and statistics at game end.
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