SL i-League S3: El Classico tied


UkraineNatus Vincere.G2A Dota 2 squad is back for another match; this time, it was against SwedenAlliance and after an exciting series, we were able to tie the game with a 1-1 score.


UkraineNatus Vincere.G2A VS SwedenAlliance [1:0]


For the first game we started the draft with the Rubick Rubick pick after which SwedenAlliance took Chaos Knight Chaos Knight and Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden. Afterwards we claimed Magnus Magnus for UkraineDendi, and Undying Undying as well. Alliance followed with the Ember Spirit Ember Spirit and Weaver Weaver pick. Our last two picks were Nyx Assassin Nyx Assassin and Lifestealer Lifestealer, Alliance ended the draft with a Razor Razor pick as their offlaner.
Alliance did a switch up in the roles as they gave SwedenLoda Weaver instead of the Chaos Knight, meaning that the latter would be playing the support role. There was a fight which broke up at our top rune and DenmarkBiver was able to catch Swedenjonassomfan's Razor; despite backup arriving for the razor, he still gave up first blood to Biver which gave us a slight advantage as we also secured both our runes.
We had the next few minutes being quiet, although Razor tried to gank with SwedenEGM who had the invisibility rune and went for GermanyrmN- but Biver was able to come for backup and catch Razor once again. Following that, rmN got another kill, this time on EGM instead, which was giving the supports some needed gold, while our safe laner and mid farmed with ease. The rest few minutes looked as the game was in our favor, because we got some solo pickoffs and by the 10 minutes mark the score was 5-1 in our favor.
Net Worth and Experience graph for the whole match.
We were able to get the mid Tier 1 afterwards as we were able to grab the Ember Spirit before the fight. Alliance were able to tp all back but the fight still favored us Dendi was able to get a double kill while only losing our Rubick and Undying which made the score 9-3 in our favor. After the teamfight both teams decide to go separate ways and farm, there was also a trade of safelane Tier 1 towers. Dendi and SwedenPajkatt were on top of the networth boards by 16 minutes as Dendi had his Echo Sabre and Blink Dagger done while Pajkatt had an Echo Sabre, Armlet, Blight Stone and Phase Boots. 
We were able to catch off their Weaver and Crystal Maiden at the bottom lane which gave us their bottom Tier 2 tower. Alliance managed to get Undying and Rubick trying to deward but afterwards the cavalry arrived and Dendi, with a perfectly placed Reverse Polarity Reverse Polarity, caught 3 people, and we were able to wipe 4 enemies out. We got the Roshan later and caught their 2 supports again, which advanced our lead to 21-5. We just pushed forward and kept catching their heroes one by one. The team decided to fall back once we got the Tier 3 mid tower, as the whole enemy team had revived. We were able to get their barracks due to Pajkatt’s Aegis and we just forced them to call “gg” afterwards. This gave us the lead towards the series 1-0 with a score of 26-5 after 24 minutes.

End-game scores and items of each player.


UkraineNatus Vincere.G2A VS SwedenAlliance [1:1]



For the second game, Alliance were first pick and they opened with Ogre Magi Ogre Magi to which we replied with Rubick Rubick and Luna Luna pick. Alliance picked Sniper Sniper, afterwards we picked  Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner which can really cause problems for their Sniper due to Return Return and his gap closing abilities. We saw the return of Dendi on Templar Assassin Templar Assassin, which is ever an exciting sight. Alliance last picked Clockwerk Clockwerk while we ended the draft with the Earth Spirit Earth Spirit pick.
At the start of the game Alliance tried doing a level 1 Roshan as they quickly smoked and teleported to mid; rmN-'s smoke was broken near the pit but he was unable to realize that they were at the pit and not at the high ground. Even though they killed the Roshan, UkraineGeneRaL was able to snatch one of Alliance's bounty rune. Dendi had a hard time with the Ogre Magi and Sniper harassб but he still held his own while we were able to get rid of Clockwerk’ы Aegis with the joint effort of Rubick, Earth Spirit and Luna. 
The opponents were able to get the first blood on Dendi as he got caught inside the Power Cogs Power Cogs but we replied by getting their Clockwerk and Ogre Magi, while only losing Rubick so the score was tied to 2-2. There have been some back and forth fights but Alliance were able to get the lead for the first time in the series with a 5-7 score in their favor but we also had GeneRaL deny himself to Roshan and also denying our bottom Tier 1 tower.
Net Worth and Experience graph for the whole match.
Alliance tried doing Roshan again at 15 minutes, and even though we tried to contest it, Earth Spirit was picked off and we were forced to back out. The score was 7-14 in favor of Alliance afterwards. They tried pushing high ground but had to retreat as the Aegis expired; a little after a fight broke out in which we caught Dazzle and Wraith King who revived himself at the cost of TA and Earth Spirit. They were able to get the set of bottom barracks by then. By the 25 minutes we were down to a 9-21 scoreline and their Sniper and Wraith King were looking unstoppable, but we never backed down and kept fighting. At 27 minutes we tried to do Roshan ourselves, but Alliance spotted us and we had to back off as the opponent took the third Aegis of the game, with the cheese going towards Wraith King, while Sniper claimed the second life.
Eventually we lost our mid barracks too and they just forced their way towards the mega creeps as we had to call “gg” and take the tie. Despite this we still gave all our best and are looking forward to the next series.
End-game scores and items of each player.
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