SL i-League S3: An unlucky teamfight


Today, UkraineNatus Vincere G2A faced SwedenHorde in a Bo2 match in the European Qualifiers of SL i-League StarSeries Season 3. The teams battled with all their might, and ultimately our guys secured another tie in the tournament.


UkraineNatus Vincere G2A VS SwedenHorde [0:1]

Picks Game 1


Dendi went mid with his signature Templar Assassin Templar Assassin to face OD, while GeneRaL opted for a offlane Legion Commander Legion Commander, helped out by rmN-’s Io Io. A couple of skirmishes happened in the first five minutes of the game, drawing the score to 2-2. SwedenHorde ganked LC in the offlane, IO sacrificed his life to save GeneRaL, who ultimately fell under our tower. It was time for the counterattack: our guys teamed up and pulled off a 4vs2 gank in the middle lane, destroying Underlord; then they moved towards the shrine near the ancients and refilled their bars. After this first exchange, the situation calmed down, and all the players went back to their lanes. 
Dendi and GeneRaL constantly took advantage of the adjacent jungles to earn as much money as possible. Juggernaut Juggernaut was playing flawlessly in the easy lane, and the opponents never tried to gank him, so Biver moved into the mid lane to get some experience when Templar Assassin TA was away. At 12, the teams clashed near the top tier 1 radiant tower, but ultimately no deaths happened: credit to both supports who kept the cores alive. 
We attempted a Roshan at 17 minutes, but SwedenHorde realized what was happening and stopped us - the teams didn’t engage each others. All players kept farming and avoided any dangerous confrontation until the mid game. At 25 minutes we had a slight tactical advantage: all Horde’s tier 1 towers fell, plus a tier 2; UkraineNa`Vi still had a tier 1 standing. 
An unlucky teamfight exploded at 26 in the enemy offlane, we lost two men and Horde exploited the momentum to steal the Roshan quickly. Our guys didn’t give up and attacked them - both sides lost two - but in the end Horde had to give up on the Roshan. Pajkatt jumped in while boosted by Io, and before Horde could react we got the Aegis at 30. Utilizing the Aegis, we decided to push the mid-lane: we got easily the tier 2 tower, but afterwards it was necessary to retreat. Horde followed us up to the Dire Jungle, where another battle took this place; this time it was unfavourable to us. The game slowed down once again, barely some fights happened, and the score was 20-17 at 40 minutes.  
A little while later we went for a push on the bottom lane, Dendi has successfully destroyed T3 and one of the barracks, while Io Io and Juggernaut Juggernaut Relocated top to try and split push, which turned out to be a bad idea, as UkraineNa`Vi lost both of them. This has given Horde some momentum to go for a push; Dendi TP-ed back to defend, but the damage of Horde was so big, by the time GeneRaL came back, it was too late to save Templar Assassin. 
Legion Commander Legion Commander was also killed moments after, so there was no opportunity for us to defend base We waited on our buybacks, looking for Io to come back up, and only then, with 4 members alive, we attempted a teamfight. Unfortunately, Outworld Devourer Outworld Devourer had too much intelligence stolen, so Sanity’s Eclipse has given him a triple kill with no buybacks for us. Having no means to repel the push, we were forced to call gg, giving game 1 to SwedenHorde.
Score Game 1

UkraineNatus Vincere G2A VS SwedenHorde [1:1]

Picks Game 2


This time we summoned on the battlefield Dendi’s Tinker Tinker, who had to face OD again. Our offlane was crowded, with three heroes from both sides; a huge fight was bound to happen sooner or later. Pajkatt faced Dark Seer Dark Seer in the easy lane, but he had Lifestealer Lifestealer so he could easily kill the ion-shelled creep and keep farming without further troubles - if no one ganked him, he could easily farm to his heart’s content with more last hits in the early game.
The game partially mirrored the previous: gank attempt happened, but both teams played carefully and avoided certain death multiple times; the score was 3-4 at 10 minutes. Shortly after a gank happened in the offlane, which ended in our favour with the deaths of two SwedenHorde’s supports. With the space created, our Lifestealer and Shadow Demon pushed the offlane tier 1, while Leshrac headed in the jungle to ward against a possible counteroffensive. 
At 17 minutes we attempted a Roshan, who was successfully destroyed in about 20 seconds thanks to Slardar Slardar’s Corrosive Haze and Lifestealer Lifestealer’s damage. Afterwards, we ganked the mid lane, killing OD, and started split-pushing. Horde reacted, killing two of our heroes near the radiant top lane, Lifestealer used the Aegis and Leshrac Leshrac bought back; thus we continued the fight, destroying tier 1 and 2.
At 22 a big teamfight happened in the Radiant easy lane, but two deaths from both rosters blocked any further push. Shortly after the fight moved into the jungle, we lost two players once again, but this time SwedenHorde got team wiped - unluckily, the lanes weren’t properly pushed, and we lost our main core, so no goal could be achieved. At 30 we destroyed the radiant ancients Shrine, thus eliminating a possible teleport spot, and improving our map control. Our guys then started pushing all lanes at the same time, while Tinker Tinker kept farming lanes and jungle, getting his net worth up to 20k.
A couple of minutes later we finally got a hold of the enemy’s defense on the top lane, killing two heroes, but losing the Aegis in the confrontation. We quickly moved into the mid lane, destroying the tier 3, then retreated once Horde’s players were back. We sieged their base and slowly gained ground, scoring kills and stealing their mid barracks. Finally, a decisive teamfight at 37 minutes gave us the chance to destroy all the remaining barracks, while Horde still tried to defend until the last moment. They called GG, and UkraineNatus Vincere G2A obtained another tie.

Score Game 2

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