SL i-League S3: First victory


We played against a duo of our ex-teammates in Russian FederationVega Squadron today and after an exciting match we were able to secure a 2-0 victory and keep up our hopes of qualifying for the event!


UkraineNatus Vincere.G2A VS Russian FederationVega Squadron [1:0]

Draft for Game 1.


Vega Squadron started off the draft with the Luna Luna pick which we replied back with the Slardar Slardar and Magnus Magnus, Vega ended the first phase with the Winter Wyvern pick. For the second phase, we picked Ogre Magi Ogre Magi and Leshrac, Vega squadron settled with the Earth Spirit Earth Spirit and Timbersaw Timbersaw. For the last phase, Vega squadron picked Clockwerk Clockwerk while we ended the draft with the Faceless Void Faceless Void pick.
We secured the first blood on Luna at the start of the combo as we had the stun combo with Ignite, this makes it impossible for any squishy hero to actually survive. The game was going very well for us, as Pajkatt’s Faceless Void was on top of the CS chart, while the kill score was 2-0 in our favor - Luna was not feeling well at all in the “safe lane”. SwedenPajkatt decided to rotate once he had his ultimate up; he was able to use the Chronosphere on the Luna and disrupt her farm more. He was able to also kill the Earth Spirit and take revenge of our Ogre Magi’s death. 
Player statistics at 10 minutes.
A few minutes later they tried to do a 4 man smoke and gank mid where UkraineGeneRaL was trying to farm while using the Timbersaw as bait but they failed as the clockwerk hookshot into his own teammate instead of the Slardar. This allowed the Faceless Void and others to take bottom Tier 1 tower and also get more farm. Afterwards there was just some pick-offs from time to time but Vega were able to take down our mid Tier 1 and 2 towers since Chrono was on cooldown.
Clockwerk tried to hook UkraineDendi and try to catch him at mid but he just signed his own death note as the Magnus skewered him near our sanctuary where our whole team arrived and killed 4 enemies but Pajkatt died in the end after a 2 man chrono.
The pickoffs followed back and forth, mostly favoring us. rmN-’s leshrac was doing a lot of work on enemy Timbersaw, who was tough to kill for Void, but an easy prey for Leshrac.
Player statistics at 25 minutes.
Both teams had taking Roshan on their mind and a couple of teamfights broke out, we won the first one with a 4 for 3 trade-off. Vega were able to take the roshan afterwards but Dendi did a wonderful Reverse Polarity Reverse Polarity which prevented the Luna from taking the aegis and they had to use Winter Curse on the solo Magnus and give the Aegis to the Earth Spirit.
A bit later we smoked and went for a gank towards top jungle of Vega. rmN- was spotted out, and Clockwerk hookshot him, using up Power Cogs as well. And just when it seemed Roman was doomed, Pajkatt came to save the day with an amazing Chrono. The fight raged, and finally, when the dust settled, Vega lost 4 heroes while Na`Vi only sacrificed Magnus to the fire power of Void, credits to Winter Wyvern. 
A little while after Timbersaw Timbersaw tried to go for a bit of a push on our bottom lane - the decision proved to be fatal for him as UkraineDendi faked not spotting him, and then surprised him with an initiation; Leshrac was close by and dealt a ton of magic damage, killing off Timbersaw. This enabled us to start our own aggression towards bottom racks; Biver was entertaining the “sharks” on the top lane while we finished off bottom lane. When Vega realized it, they tried to punish Leshrac Leshrac for overstaying his welcome, but an Eul+Force Staff combo saved him. With a cheeky taunt, he baited Timbersaw and others unto himself, and Na`Vi were swift to back him up, flanking the enemy. This turned out to be the last fight, as they, even despite the buybacks, were unable to defend their base, and Vega Squadron had to gg out, giving us game 1 of the Bo2 series.
Player items and stats at game end.


UkraineNatus Vincere.G2A VS Russian FederationVega Squadron [2:0]

Draft for game 2.


For game 2, Vega Squadron first picked Slardar Slardar, to which we replied with Rubick Rubick and Weaver Weaver; they ended the phase with the Disruptor Disruptor pick. For the second phase, we picked Ember Spirit Ember Spirit and Pudge Pudge while Vega claimed Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend and Io Io. For the last phase, Vega Squadron settled with the Drow Ranger Drow Ranger while we ended the draft with the Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin.

At the beginning there have been some close calls for first bloods but GeneraL was able to finish the Disruptor up to claim first blood. Most of the time there have just been some harass on the heroes but no kills as they would run for their lives; but GeneRaL was able to gank top and get a double kill while surviving with a perfect Time Lapse Time Lapse.
Player Statistics at 15 minutes.
A few teamfights broke out afterwards and they have been stalemates as sometimes we would win the fight and sometimes Vega would manage to have it their way. After the teamfights, both teams decided to stay back and farm safely. Vega Squadron tried to steal the Aegis but even though they killed Roshan, Pajkatt was able to snatch the Aegis which helped us win the teamfight. A few minutes later, Vega tried to tower dive us, but it backfired as we were able to get a 3-2 tradeoff in our favor.
Another Roshan respawned, and we tried to claim this one, but Vega interrupted us and took it instead, yet we decided to fight them afterwards and the fight actually went in our favor, as we killed 4 people for 3 of ours but we also popped their Aegis seconds after they secured Roshan.
Just a while later Vega Squadron tried to invade our jungle, but we held them off as we had a 4-2 trade during the teamfight. Na`Vi decided to take the third Roshan afterwards and we were able to wipe the enemy team out and go high ground, which was enough for Vega Squadron to tap out and give us our first series victory!
Player items and statistics at game end.


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