SL i-League S3: Against Alliance

During our first day at the European qualifiers of SL i-League StarSeries S3, we battled against InternationalTeam Liquid in an exciting Bo2. It was the first official game of our team in 2017, but many others will follow in the upcoming weeks. Every match in this tournament is a piece of the puzzle for CISNatus Vincere G2A: we have a new roster and the guys need to train against opponents of any kind to improve their teamplay and tactics. 
Today, we will fight against an old enemy, SwedenAlliance, that changed its historical roster, introducing three new players in September 2016. Alliance’s last achievement happened at World Electronic Sports Games 2016, where they participated with their own team, and placed the third.
The Bo2 will happen at 20:30 CET, and we hope that the essence of El Clásico will keep empowering both teams. Even if the rosters changed drastically, the main core players of both, UkraineDanil "Dendi" Ishutin and SwedenJonathan "Loda" Berg, are still holding the flag of their respective teams. We hope that our fans will tune in for this evergreen game, and that the level of entertainment will exceed any expectation.


Ucraina Dendi Sweden Pajkatt Germany rmN- Denmark Biver Ucraina GeneRaL
Danil Ishutin Per Anders Olsson Lille Roman Paley Malthe Winther Victor Nigrini




January 29


Sweden Loda Sweden Limmp Sweden jonassomfan Sweden Handsken Sweden EGM
Jonathan Berg Linus Blomdin Jonas Lindholm Simon Haag Jerry Lundkvist

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