SL i-League S3: A final tie


The first of February marked Ukraine Natus Vincere.G2A's concluding game in the SL i-League Starseries S3 European qualifiers, and the final opponent was DenmarkCloud9. Having won 3 games the previous day, our mood when coming into the final day was quite confident. The encounter ended with a 1-1 tie.


UkraineNatus Vincere.G2A VS DenmarkCloud9 [0:1]

Game 1 picks


The first game of the series started off with us being on the Dire side. Na`Vi have claimed  Underlord, Rubick Rubick, Pudge Pudge, Lone Druid Lone Druid and Outworld Devourer Outworld Devourer, while the opponent got Earth Spirit Earth Spirit, Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden, Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend, Ursa Ursa and Brewmaster Brewmaster. We have picked Rubick yet again, as last game against Vega Squadron has shown everyone the Grand Magus in Biver's hand is a dangerous opponent.


The game has started with an action, First Blood being spilled on Brewmaster. Kills were traded very soon, so the score, just 3 minutes in, already became 2-2, and did not stop there. Rotations were made all around the map, ensuring the constant aggresion. By the end of the laning phase, the score was 8:4, and Cloud9 were 1 tower down.


A rather unfortunate teamfight happened in our jungle close to the top lane, where we lost 3 heroes, which was not exactly the trade Natus Vincere were looking for. At 15:26, Ursa has killed Roshan, claiming the first Aegis for the game. This forced Na`Vi to become a bit more careful, as disengaging from Ursa Ursa is a hard task; and indeed a teamfight occured, with us taking down the Aegis on th bear, but losing more than we were willing to pay. The situation was getting increasingly tough for our guys, but our late-game and push potential was still there.


The first game, 10 minutes in


Pickoffs from both teams continued as we were attempting to get the critical items to start working through the opponent. Cloud9, though, were also lurking, looking out for blood, and they would find it more often than not. Good news, though, was that SwedenPajkatt's Lone Druid Lone Druid was farming away wherever he pleased, getting the required artifacts to come truly online. 23 minutes in the last T2 tower of ours fell, which made us even more careful, as Cloud9 were establishing muh stronger map presence. 13abyKnight claimed the second Aegis of the game. However, GermanyrmN- was actively roaming, trying to make space on the map.


27 minutes in, DenmarkCloud9 have pulled off a teamwipe on us, as the damage output was quite a lot for us to overcome. A minute later, the last fight happened, and we have lost the final chance of defending our base, forced to write GG. The best bet of ours at this point was a draw.


Game 1 results


UkraineNatus Vincere.G2A VS DenmarkCloud9 [1:1]

The second game picks


The final game of the qualifiers was upon us. We were determined to give it our all, to prove our worth. Draft-wise, Natus Vincere decided to roll out Rubick Rubick yet again, alongside with Luna Luna, Ember Spirit Ember Spirit, Ogre Magi Ogre Magi and Tinker Tinker, meanwhile the opposistion was Slardar Slardar, Dark Seer Dark Seer, Ursa Ursa, Terrorblade Terrorblade and  Oracle


Just like the last game, we have started off with a blast, as Tinker took the life of Terrorblade Terrorblade before the horn, making it a great start of the game. Rotations followed, but no real fight emerged, as everyone was wary, unwilling to be caught out of position. The story repeated itself as again, just like in the previous game, kill score was 2:2 3 minutes in - an aggressive beginning. This tactic was giving us a great opportunity to snowball and accelerate Luna's farm.


Dendi's Tinker was feeling exceedingly well in the midlane, having killed Ursa Ursa twice - not the start Denmark13abyKnight was looking for. 7 minutes in Dendi already has purchased his Boots of Travel, so he was close to ready to start rotating all over the map, maintaining threatening global presence; and there are few threats as significant as Tinker's magical burst.


Dendi's Tinker showing the true mastery in game 2


This turned out to be quite true, as just a little past Tinker got BoTs, he scored a double kill, enabling him to snowball even more. The first tower of the game was, once again, Cloud9's tower, this time in mind lane. As a result, we were making a bigger gap in net worths between ourselves and the enemy, especially with Tinker killing foes left, right and center.  15 minutes in, all of our towers were standing, while Cloud9 were missing all the T1's. A slightly unfortunate encounter happened in mid and radiant jungle, where we lost Rubick Rubick, Luna Luna and Ogre Magi Ogre Magi - a little setback for us.


21 minute in Luna has taken the first Aegis of the game, and this enabled us to act even more aggressively than before - 22 minutes in we have wiped Cloud9 clean, thanks to Tinker and Luna's damage output, as well as a great work of our supports.The bloodbath continued as kills were scored for us all around. The opponent just did not have the ways to deal with Dendi, who went 13-0, and having lost some more heroes, DenmarkCloud9 had to GG out of the game, granting UkraineNatus Vincere the final tie.


Game 2 results

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