SL i-League S3: New team's first battle


UkraineNatus Vincere G2A has recently improved the lineup of our Dota 2 team, including three brand new members, and trusting our game in the hands of a new captain and drafter, SwedenPer Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille. The team is currently training in a boot camp in Kyiv, preparing for the tournaments to come: in particular, from January 28 we will start our adventure in the European qualifiers of StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3.
Each team will fight  a total of seven Bo2, against all other teams participating in the qualifiers, but only the top two will advance to the main event. Our first fight will be against InternationalTeam Liquid at 18:15 CET. In January, Liquid also introduced a new player in their roster, the position 4 LebanonMaroun "GH" Merhej. 
Their latest big achievement was the victory at DreamLeague Season 6 in November 2016, where they defeated InternationalEscape Gaming 3 to 0. Our guys, after weeks of training, will face this first fight with joy, and we hope to show an increasing stable performances along the course of the following weeks.


Ucraina Dendi Sweden Pajkatt Germany rmN- Denmark Biver Ucraina GeneRaL
Danil Ishutin Per Anders Olsson Lille Roman Paley Malthe Winther Victor Nigrini




January 28


Germany KuroKy Jordan Miracle- Lebanon GH Bulgaria MinD_ContRoL Finland MATUMBAMAN
Kuro Salehi Takhasomi Amer Al-Barkawi Maroun Merhej Ivan Borislavov Lasse Urpalainen

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Gold 6 DisRespect 1
#1 pk fasihullah123 27 January 2017, 23:33
navi will definitly win !! go go navi
Gold 7 Respect 26
#2 ua Mr.Lucky 28 January 2017, 06:21
gl hf!
Gold 10 Respect 2
#3 au dvine 28 January 2017, 14:55
rmN- really needs a new display photo, he looks like he is from the original Star Trek.

Good luck Na'Vi :)
Gold 5 DisRespect 1
#4 aq Shamoth 31 January 2017, 00:01
You have actually never looked worse. Biver, rnM and Pajkatt are all a total disaster. They have 0 hero pool and they don't even play their roles well.
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