SL i-League Invitational 3: preview

The first LAN tournament of 2017/2018 gaming season begins today. It's the minor, in which Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A takes part. Our team has a complicated task: they'll be defending the CIS region. On the eve of SL i-League Invitational Season 3Ukraine NaVi.G2A prepared a comprehensive preview of the tournament. We'll tell you about the format, the venue, the participants and the expectations of the tournament in this article.

The path of NaVi to the LAN-final

Our team has made a long path to earn the slot at the minor, which is the first LAN of the gaming season. The Born to Win played at the regional qualifiers and encountered one of the best teams of the CIS region. As a reminder Ukraine NaVi performed really good at the beginning: International Gambit Esports and Russian Federation Team Empire were defeated. Next our team lost to Russian Federation Team Spirit and went down to lower brackets. Fortunately, this loss motivated our team to fight. Having defeated Russian Federation Spartak EsportsUkraine Natus Vincere took revenge on the Russian team and got their slot at SL i-League Invitational Season 3. Ukraine NaVi deserved it.

SL i-League Invitational Season 3 details

The LAN-final will be held in Kyiv from 12-15 October. The fans of Dota 2 will come to Kiev Cybersport Arena to see the performance. This place was opened in 2010. It was the venue of numerous international gaming tournaments. This time we'll see the first minor-tournament of the new format. We hope that the Born to Win will demonstrate successful performance. They'll be playing at home and the fans will be supporting them and we believe it should help. Nevertheless, don't forget that the responsibility of Ukraine Natus Vincere is great. We believe the team will put every effort into their performance.
There will be 8 participants of the tournament: two invited rosters and 6 winners of the qualifiers. The prize pool of SL i-League Invitational will be $300,000. In addition to that, there will be 300 qualifier scores divided by top 4 teams of the event. As a reminder, the scores earned by the players during the season will impact the invites to the next tournament of The International series. The contenders hardly want to lose those scores, so we'll see some incredible battles over the top places.

Natus Vincere on the eve of the tournament

Ukraine Natus Vincere were practicing to the upcoming event. Apart from the training matches, they played numerous official games. In September we played in many qualifiers, tested the strategies and some ingame ideas. As you know, we had amazing victories and bitter losses, but we hope the team learned the lessons basing on their mistakes, and we hope that Ukraine NaVi will take advantage of the defeats. Furthermore, the team had a short break before the minor.
As you know our team acquired two players this summer: Russian Federation Vladimir "RodjER" Nikogosian and Ukraine Vladislav "Crystallize" Krystanek. The latter used to play at the LAN-events: he showed great performance at the Cup of Russia and then at The International. He has great level of play and is one of thee best roamers of CIS region as well as competitive scene. Though Ukraine Crystallize isn't as experience, but he had demonstrated some amazing playes, which earned him the acclaim of the fans. He proved he was ready to represent globally Ukraine Natus Vincere.
There's only one concern of the fans is the fact that Ukraine Crystallize will first perform on the stage in front of the audience. Surely, the player might be really worried, however we hope that the coach of the team gave useful advice on the event. Ukraine Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich always supports the players, when necessary. Apart from building the relations in the team and arranging the activities of the team beyond the game, he also participates in developing the tactics and strategies. Ukraine XBOCT will help the team in the pick-ban stage. His opinion will be importnat and helpful in facing the serious opponents.

Opponents of Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A

The event will be held in two stages: of eight teams (divided into 2 groups), four line-ups will advance to the playoff. The first rival of Ukraine Natus Vincere at the tournament will be International Team Secret. The story of confrontation between the Born to Win and the team of Estonia Puppey has long history, however the current rosters haven't played before. Both teams underwent the reshuffle, changing 2 players. Judging by the last results, the teams made right decisions. As per moment, International Team Secret is the one of leading teams of European region that easily passed several qualifiers. The match won't be an easy feat and we'll see some exciting and thrilling plays!
Apart from the "secret" team, there's the runner-up of The International 2017 the powerful Chinese team China Newbee in our group B. This line-up is one of the world's most powerful teams, admired and respected. This is a dangerous rival: the Chinese roster not only showed amazing performance at the main tournament of the year, but they also played great in the beginning of the season. China Newbee successfully played at the regional level and made several important achievements (e.g., the victory at DreamLeague Season 8 qualifiers). Finally, there's United States compLexity Gaming (comprizing of American and Swedish players). The team won several qualifiers. However, we can't say that it's the sole leader of the North American region.
The participants of group A are International Team LiquidChina Vici GamingBrazil SG e-sports and Philippines Mineski. The community's predictions for the group are as follows: the reigning world champion International Team Liquid will take the first place. However, let's not forget that other line-ups of the group are the leaders of their regions. Philippines Mineski had undergone the reshuffle and successfully performed in every qualifiers, losing only one of them. We don't know, however, how this team will play outside the SEA region.
Brazil SG e-sports is the favourite of South America. However, the event in Kyiv will be much harder: the rivals are really powerful. China Vici Gaming is a powerful team from China. that won three qualifiers. We don't know much about these players, so they need to take every chance to demonstrate their capabilities.




Ukraine Natus Vincere haven't played at LAN- tournaments for a while. We are pretty sure that both our players and our fans are looking forward to the upcoming performance of Ukraine NaVi roster for Dota 2. We wish our players good luck and we hope their efforts will be paid off! #gonavi

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