SL Invitational 3: the first game


The first rival of Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A at StarLadder i-League Invitational 3 will be International Team Secret. The two teams will clash on the battlefield at 15:00 CEST. The match will be best of 3 series.


The upcoming championship will be thee trial for the Born to Win, since the participants are the world's best teams. International Team Secret have won three qualifiers of major and minor tournaments. They would often leave no chance to their participants. We can say that the encounter with the former captain of Ukraine NaVi — Estonia Puppey — will be very hard, but it is necessary to estimate the strength of our team.


If Ukraine Natus Vincere wins, they'll encounter the winner of the match between China Newbee vs United States compLexity Gaming. The teams that lose will encounter on the next day.


Let's support Ukraine Natus Vincere: the guys need your cheering! If you happen to be in Kyiv, come to Kiev Cybersport Arena to watch the games of our team. Support Ukraine NaVi#gonavi


Ucraina Dendi Ukraine Crystallize Russian Federation SoNNeikO Russian Federation RodjER Ucraina GeneRaL
Danil Ishutin Vladislav Krystanek Akbar Butaev Vladimir Nikogosyan Viktor Nigrini



best of 3


Germany FATA- Jordan YapzOr Estonia Puppey Malaysia Midone Denmark Ace
Adrian Trinks Yazied Majnoon Clement Ivanov  Zheng Yeik Nai Marcus Hoelgaard





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