SLTV StarSeries: Na`Vi vs E-frag


Today Ukraine Natus Vincere team will play a match against Bulgarian team BulgariaE-frag. The match is held within the framework of group stage of StarSeries Season XIV online stage. Our team holds the first place in the group with 2 victories in matches. The Bulgarians had only 1 game and no victories so far. The performance of the Born to Win is successful and in case they win today's match, the team will secure their chances to get to playoff.


Recently, Ukraine Na`Vi encountered Bulgaria E-frag. The match was held in the group stage of GO:CL. The bo3 match ended with 2:1, our team winning. The Bulgarians managed to win only on de_dust2 (8:16). Our players won on de_train and de_overpass. Our team is currently in the best of its shape due to the preparation to the finals of ESL ESEA Season 2. The training is conducted online. UkraineNa`Vi VS Bulgaria E-frag will begin at 21:00 CET and will be streamed. The format is bo3.

The LAN finals of SL i-League StarSeries will be held on 13-17 January in Minsk, Belarus. Eight team will clash over the champion's title and the prize pool of $ 200 000. The decisive games will be held at Minsk Arena. Our team has won a number of StarLadder: StarSeries tournaments. The fans of Na`Vi hope our team repeats the success this time!


SL i-League StarSeries XIV


[11:16 de_dust2]

[16:13 de_overpass]

[06:16 de_cobblestone]



Daniil "ZeusTeslenko Ukraine
Ioann "EdwardSukharev Ukraine
Denis "seizedKostinRussian Federation
Egor "flamieVasilyev Russian Federation
Ladislav "Guardian" Kovacs Slovakia



Bulgaria Nicolay "uniqueNkl" Hrustev

Bulgaria Peter "splinteraaaa" Demirev

Bulgaria Vladislave "overvladi" Kolinov

Bulgaria Sevastian "revnqnko_O" Kouno

Bulgaria Emilian "spyleadeR" Dimitrov







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