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Last season’s victory at SLTV brought the sixteenth gold medal to the collection of CS group of Natus Vincere, it was the first one in CS:GO. This is the accomplishment pursuings which the team lost the fans’ trust, confidence and even players. For the last year Natus Vincere has been in hot water: the absence of results, the change of team members and roles. This is what Sergey Ischuk had to say about this:


The support role, just like any other new role on the team, is difficult to carry out. It took some time for it to play out, then the results were analyzed. Sometimes, the role change can be effective, but not right away. I’m actually not the role-change fan, especially if you’re good at it. However, we had to part with Senya, so someone had to replace him, and I was assigned to do that. As for the captaincy, I got it as easily as I gave it away. How come? Nothing difficult here: when our sniper left, it was decided that I had to shoot, and so I did, not for a long time though, we got a new star, "Guardian". Danil had a captancy crisis, so we gave him some time off, but soon he resolved his issues and was ready to lead us again.


Starix is not ready to yell like Senya yet, but he started smiling. Being a “support” is sweet.


Despite new players, the role change and persistent training, Natus Vincere lacked just a little miracle, and for the first time in a long while the luck was on the team’s side before the finals of the ninth season of SLTV, enabling us to make it into the Kyiv Arena. Here is what Denis (Seized) Kostin thinks about their lucky escape:


After Copenhagen Games we knew that Fnatic might not go, Titan’s trip was questionable as well, but we found out for sure only in the morning of the admin announcement.


Natus Vincere placed 9-16 on their last tournament, no one could have predicted that only in a month after returning from Poland the team’s performance would change this dramatically. It appears that the players themsleves didn’t expect that:


Ian (Edward) Sukharev: I wasn’t expecting the victory, but I always knew that we could win. I believe that the team order in the online-qualification wasn’t representative of their level. Out of the top-4 we won twice, tied once and lost on one occasion.


Denis (Seized) Kostin: Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect us to win this tournament, but I thought we would perform well.


Ladislav (GuardiaN) Kovach: We knew that our opponents were the best teams and players in the world and we weren’t to underestimate them. The captain’s imput was tremendous, he spent a lot of time watching our opponent’s demos. Even on the stage he continued to study their actions. Thanks to that we knew their playing style well and used that knowledge. Our personal skills still aren’t as good as we’d like them to be, our victory is the result of joint actions, team play, and that’s crucial. To win as a team, or lose as a team.


Rare moment - Zeus isn’t watching demos

So what has changed in the team in such a short, for cybersport, time? This question can be answered by the person who knows the team from inside – Arseniy (Ceh9) Trinozhenko:


Na`Vi game at Starladder is completely different from the one we witnessed the last couple of months. I don’tt know how to explain that but guys finally found mutual understanding and started paying attention to their own game and mistakes rather than just blaming failures on the teammates. I wouldn’t even change or add anything, I’d just keep moving in the same direction and not worry about failures. These guys have tons of experience from the previous versions of Counter-strike, so in order to win tournaments they only need to practice during the worktime and relax during breaks. They don’t need to invent a bicycle, it’s enough to gradually move forward without any rush, since this game will be played for another five years, so there is plenty of time.


If we want to dig deep into the intragame moments, more time should be spent on details. For instance, the team should perform elementary tactics. Each player should have the same vision of how to do the banal “rush on B”. NiP, as well as Fnatics in 1.6, proved everyone that you don’t have to come up with something extraordinary, in many cases it’s enough to be able to do the simplest things well. The same here.



Depsite the fact that Natus Vincere triumphed in the last final, but let’s not forget about other teams that also fought hard and entertained the wiewers with exciting battles. Here is what Ladislav (GuardiaN) Kovach said about the opponents:


It’s difficult to talk about our opponents’ preparation, I think, all the teams were determined to win. I believe that Titan did their best, but after all the team changes they need some time to get back to their highest level. As for NiP, it’s always hard to determine if they are well-prepared or not, since their game is based on the individual level and first kills. Their best duo hasn’t shown the best game on this tournament, but occasionally their actions were mind-blowing. I was surprised by XIZT that performed extremely well. In any case, I think we’d be first, but in other circumstances we’d have been made to work harder. Now we have to prove that this result wan’t accidental.


SLTV participants together

This is the first gold for the current team, and we hope that thanks to this victory it will be able to break the wall cemented with the negativity that had been surrounding Natus Vincere CS:GO until recently.

P.S. You can find all videos about Natus Vincere CS:GO here.


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