SLTV S13 LAN Finals: First day's results


The first day of SLTV Starladder 13 was unexpected in many aspects. The teams, which nobody had expected to see on the top of tournament table, took the first places. Those, who had betted the Bulgarians' and Poles' would win in the matches against Reunion Team EnVyUs and Ukraine Natus Vincere, became rich by the end of the gaming day.



The support of fans was enormous. Natus Vincere played the games in their home arena.


Poland Gamers2 and Bulgaria surprized! From the very beginning the day brought many unexpected surprizes. This LAN was one of the first ones in the career of Bulgarian players. However, they managed to defeat the team, which is now in the world's top 5, namely France EnVyUsBulgaria was losing in the first half of the map at 4:11 score. Then suddenly, they made a super comeback and defeated the French 16:14. Their rivals didn't expect such comeback at all.



Notwithstanding the participants of the tournament are not top teams, it is still very hard for our team


Well, that was only beginning. After defeating France EnVyUs, the Bulgarians were very eager to defeat Ukraine Natus Vincere. They almost did it, as they manage to finish the first half of the game at inferno with 3:12. This time it was Na`Vi, which made an outstanding comeback, having won the match at 16:14. This was due to the luck of our team and the fact, that they managed to gather strengths and regain the necessary spirit. Still we were very close to defeat.



[16:14 de_inferno]


Our team had one more tense match, this time they played against Ukraine FlipSid3 and defeated at 16:13 score. The match was decided in the very end and the difference in score was very small. As concerns the third match, Natus Vincere was defeated by Poland Gamers2. Though the Polish team is a medium team, that has never reached top positions, it somehow manages to defeat Na`Vi on a regular basis. This is most inconvenient rival for our CS:GO squad. Poland Gamers2 knows how our players perform and what to expect from them. The team managed to play a trick, which was most successful against Ukraine Natus Vincere. Frankly speaking the defeat at cobblestone was fair. Our team hasn't shown even 50% of its potential. We were losing with 4:11 score after the first held of the game and we didn't manage to make a comeback. The team hasn't managed to win even 10 maps, and lost with 8:16.



[8:16 de_cobblestone]


Therefore, the results of the first day are unexpected - Poland Gamers2 are the leaders, and Bulgaria don't fall behind. HellRaisers showed the poorest performance of all the teams. Not only they didn't win a single game, but they also had the greatest difference in scores: -21. As concerns Natus Vincere, it has 6 scores. We believe that the second day of the tournament will show the true leaders, Ukraine Natus Vincere and France Team EnVyUs performing at their average level. Our team still has possibility to make 1 mistake, whereas the French must win in all the matches by all means.




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