Na`Vi are SLTV StarSeries XIII champions!


The 13th season of SLTV StarLadder is over. Notwithstanding the unlucky number of the season, the tournament was successful for us. Supported by the fans at Kyiv Cybersport Arena, Ukraine Natus Vincere defeated the french players of France EnVyUs in the final, preventing the guests from repeating their triumph at SLTV StarLadder and becoming champions for the second time.


Finally it happened, dear fans of Ukraine Natus Vincere! After the victory at ESL Pro League, our team had a row of second and third places at various tournaments. Finally, Ukraine Na`Vi became the first. Ukraine Natus Vincere are the champions of their home tournament SLTV StarSeries!


The championship was exciting though it lacked many titled teams and players. The fans created an astonishing atmosphere, which the players enjoyed a lot. The viewers were divided into two groups - one supporting Na`Vi, the other supporting EnVyUs. Still our team was supported by the most of the viewers, which is understandable.



Though much efforts and emotions were put in the game, our players never forget their fans and never reject signing autographs.


The players didn't let down the viewers and showed CS of the world's top level. Unexpectedly PolandGamers2 and BulgariaGplay brought some surprizes on the first day of the tournament. However, the leaders of the event revenged on the second day to show who's the cream of the crop. Many fans claimed that Ukraine Natus Vincere and France EnVyUs were the favorites, which would definitely encounter in the final. Well, they were right!
The way to the play off wasn't that easy however, both leaders being unexpectedly defeated by obvious outsiders on the very first day. They encountered to test their skills in the last match of the group stage, EnVyUs winning. The semifinals were a mere formality: Na`Vi defeating Ukraine FlipSid3 easily and EnVyUs revenging on Bulgaria Gplay.  
Ukraine Natus Vincere was the only team of the tournament which could compete with French CS:GO players. It took 40 minutes for France EnVyUs to defeat SwedenNiP last year. They were pretty sure, they'd be the winners of the current tournament. Na`Vi ruined their plans.  
French players were good. We were better!
We know that France EnVyUs are capable of surprizing. Natus Vincere got into the trap at the first map cobblestone with the score of 9:10. The French players simply hid all over the maps, and Na`Vi didn't have enough time to find and destroy the last EnVyUs player, who was waiting for the end of the round. This is just one example of the unusual strategies applied by the French both in the match against our team and in the other games of the tournament. Moreover, EnVyUs is the only team, which buy only Desert Eagle for the eco round, making their rivals suffer much, as the French players are the best at shooting with this weapon.


[16:4 de_cobblestone, 16:5 de_inferno]

The struggle was hot at each spot of de_cobblestone. One team pushed, the other opposed fiercely and didn't make mistakes. Finally, due to the poor buy of the French, who had only one saved device except for Tec-9, Natus Vincere managed to win.
At de_dust2, EnVyUs were winning in the beginning of the map 7:1. Our team managed only to decrease the gap in the scores. All the players of EnVyUs were good: NBK, shox, Happy, SmithZz`ом. Only kioShiMa didn't perform at top level from time to time. 
We saw many posters and heard many shouts supporting Na`Vi. Our players weren't the only ones who had been preparing for the match. 
Na`Vi is not the team to let the rival achieve unsurpassable advantage. The French players felt the tiger power of Na`Vi at the next map - overpass. They were mostly inactive, while the Born to Win were showing their best. Our team took the map easily winning 16:4. We achieved the advantage and needed to undertake one last step to victory.


[16:14 de_cobblestone, 10:16 de_dust2, 16:4 de_overpass, 25:23 de_inferno]

Next was epic battle, with both teams making mistakes. The advantage of the French wasn't substantial and Na`Vi played powerfully in the end of the map. It was very hard for our team to reach overtime. However, the outstanding teamplay and good luck contributed to our victory at inferno. Despite the overtime, the victory was great! Our team has forgotten it for some time, making it only to the second or third line. Let's hope that this victory will be one of the first in a long row of victories by our team. One more cup is shining now in our office in Kyiv!

Prize pool and places:

top 1 place: $ 22 000 -> UkraineNatus Vincere

top 2 place: $ 12 000 -> FranceTeam EnVyUs

top 3top 4 place: $ 5 500 -> UkraineFlipSid3 and BulgariaGplay

top 5-6 places: $ 2 500 each ->PolandGamers2 and CISHellRaisers


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