SLTV S13 LAN Finals: Second day results

The group stage of Starladder 13th season is over. Four teams continue their struggle in play off. Two CIS countries — Ukraine FlipSid3 and Ukraine Natus Vincere - play today in the first semifinal.
The second matchday was as good as the first one. However, unlike the first day, it brought no surprizes. First day's leader PolandGamers2 dropped from the first line to the fifth line in tournament table. Thus they don't get to play off. 
Rethinking the game 
Ukraine Natus Vincere had two matches on Saturday. First they encounter the outsider of the tournament - International HellRaisers and faced some difficulties. In the beginning our team was losing 6:9. However, in the second half of the match our guys managed to win 10 rounds in a row, so the fans could calm down. Overall the next match against France Team EnVyUs wasn't decisive at all, as our team would anyway get to the final. However, our place in the tournament table and our possible rival heavily depended on that match.


[16:11 de_overpass]

The match against our principle rival France Team EnVyUs was similar to swings. In the first half of the match the French players were winning with an advantage of as much as 7 rounds at de_dust2. After the teams switched parties, UkraineNatus Vincere began winning one round after another. One moment it even seemed that our team would win the match.  However, France Team EnVyUs managed to unite, push and defeat us. If UkraineNatus Vincere had won this match, we would've meet the French team in semifinals. However, we lost and Ukraine Flipsid3 is our rival now. Some might say we are lucky to have this team as an opponent in semifinals, as it is much weaker compared to France Team EnVyUs. Moreover, everyone knows that the French team performs on the medium level in group stage and shows its best in play off.  


[13:16 de_dust2]

The victory enabled the France Team EnVyUs to raise to the second place from the fourth in the tournament table. Meanwhile, our players descended from the third place to the fourth place. Today's match against Ukraine FlipSid3 seemed to be hard, as the team had gained fair shape, but now as it is over with 2:0 score. Na`Vi won.


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