SLTV or Techlabs, that is the question

Today a representative from the SLTV league announced, that in case our DotA 2 team misses the matches that are scheduled for 28th September (versus and uebelst), our chances to proceed to the finals of the 7th season are as low as they can get. On 28th September, three of our teams, including the DotA 2 team, will participate in Techlabs Minsk, what doesn’t allow us to play on the SLTV matches. Also, we’ve already used all of our postpone cards, we came to a situation where we have to choose only one tournament.


Luckily, we didn’t have to choose between SLTV and Techlabs, because and Uebelst kindly agreed to use their postpone cards and to change the dates of the games. Natus Vincere thanks the players of the teams and Uebelst a lot for their sportsmanship and such a gracious move.


The dates and more info about the upcomming matches can be found on our main SLTV article.

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