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The day two of the DreamHack Winter 2012 now started and we continue to follow image Na`Vi.Dota 2 performance at the event. As you may remember, our 3-0`ed Group A and got into the quarterfinals playoff that will start at 19:00 CET

Meanwhile Group C and D will be played today and we will get to know all 8 quarterfinalists of the tournament that continue their path to $15 000 grand trophy. As usual we will be providing you with the live and fresh content from the event so stay tuned for our coverage and support our team in the comments!

Official streams:





Tournament updates:


00:08 CET - We lose game two and unfortunately, we have been eliminated from the tournament. Turns out we're going to miss another Dreamhack title. GG, well played to image EG!

23:04 CET - Unfortunately, image EG takes the first game, game two to follow up soon.

22:03 CET - Our match vs image EG is live! Picks for game 1:


image Na`Vi               :  image image image image image

image Evil Geniuses:  image image image image image


21:26 CET - image Fnatic takes out image WhA 2:0 while image Empire manages to take down image Dignitas! 30 minutes left to our game against EG! image nth vs image aL will be played at the same time.

Interviews with image EG.Fear and image nth.AdmiralBulldog, meanwhile matches between image Empire and image Dignitas and image Fnatic vs image WhA are being played!:




Some freshly uploaded videos from our channel: (Interview with image EG.Fear and image nth's AdmiralBulldog are now processing, we'll embed them here as soon as they're uploaded on our youtube page!)



18:33 CET - image Fnatic's Dreamhack experience proves too much for image Dignitas, H4nn1 and co take the Americans out and grab the first place in their group. In 30 minutes image Fnatic will play against image WhA while image Dignitas will have to meet image Empire. Our match vs image EG will be played in about 3 hours!

17:00 CET - image Dignitas and image Fnatic secure their second wins by beating respectively image Pulse and image SkyHigh. They will be moving to the Playoffs regardless of the outcome of the last match-ups which will be image Pulse vs image SkyHigh and image Dignitas vs image Fnatic.

16:00 CETimage Pulse lose vs image Fnatic while image Dignitas expectedly outclass the BYOC team image SkyHigh! The latter vs image Fnatic to follow! Enjoy another video from our channel:



15:25 CET -  First matches of group D have started! image Pulse vs image Fnatic and image Dignitas vs one of the BYOC teams - image SkyHigh

14:45 CETimage Empire finishes the group stage with clean sheets after their win against image WhA. Both teams will move on to the playoffs, next up will be the matches of the final group D! Until then, enjoy the newest video on our youtube page:



13:45 CET - image Empire prevails over image mouz and unfortunately, after their 2nd loss, the Germans are eliminated from the tournament. Empire and WhA will move on to the Playoffs regardless of the outcome of the next matches.

Next up - image WhA vs image Empire and image mouz vs image S&C in a match for pride!

12:50 CET - image WhA secure the win against image mouz after a highly entertaining game! Empire, as expected, managed to do the same against the BYOC team image S&C! Up next image Empire vs image mouz and image WhA vs image S&C!

12:12 CET - Do you want to win some cool stuff in our new contest? Then follow the video guideline by Polina! 


10:48 CET - Group C matches have commenced with image Team Empire vs image S&C (BYOC team) and image mousesports vs image We haz Asian currently running.


Playoffs (Quarterfinals):

OVERimage WhA [0:2image Fnatic

OVERimage Dignitas [0:2image Empire

OVER - image Natus Vincere [0:2image Evil Geniuses

LIVEimage Absolute Legends [0:1] image NoTidehunter




Group A Time (CET) Games
Teams G W D L +/- P
image Natus Vincere #1 3 3 0 0   9
image aL #2 3 2 0 1   6
image 3DMAX 3 1 0 2   3
image Out of Tangos 3 0 0 3   0


image Natus Vincere [1:0] image Out of Tangos
image aL [1:0] image 3DMAX
image Natus Vincere [1:0] image 3DMAX
image Out of Tangos [0:1image aL
image Natus Vincere [1:0] image aL
image 3DMAX [1:0] image Out of Tangos


Group B Time (CET) Games
Teams G W D L +/- P
image Ripp3d 3 0 0 3   0
image 4 Friends + Chrille 3 1 0 2   3
image NoTidehunter #1 3 3 0 0   9
image Evil Geniuses #2 3 2 0 1   6

image Evil Geniuses [1:0] image Ripp3d
image 4 Friends [0:1image NoTidehunter
image Evil Geniuses [0:1image NoTidehunter
image Ripp3d [0:1image 4 Friends
image Evil Geniuses [1:0] image 4 Friends
image NoTidehunter [1:0] image Ripp3d


Group C Time (CET) Games
Teams G W D L +/- P
image S&C 3 0 0 3   0
image We haz Asian #2 3 2 0 1   6
image Mousesports 3 1 0 2   3
image Team Empire #1 3 1 0 0   9
image Team Empire [1:0] image S&C
image We haz Asian [1:0] image Mousesports
image Team Empire [1:0] image Mousesports
image S&C [0:1image We haz Asian
image Team Empire [1:0] image We haz Asian
image S&C [0:1image Mousesports


Group D Time (CET) Games
Teams G W D L +/- P
image Dignitas #2 3 3 0 0   6
image Pulse 3 1 0 2   3
image FnaticRC #1 3 3 0 0   9
image SkyHigh 3 0 0 3   0
image Dignitas [1:0] image SkyHigh
image FnaticRC [1:0] image Pulse
image Dignitas [1:0] image Pulse
image SkyHigh [0:1image FnaticRC
image Dignitas [0:1image FnaticRC
image Pulse [1:0] image SkyHigh


Schedule:  (Central European Time)


November, 22 - Thursday
10.00 - BYOC registrations open
14.00 - BYOC registrations close
15.00 - BYOC qualifiers
15.00 - Group A starts
19.30 - Group B starts

November, 23 - Friday
10.00 - Group C starts
14.30 - Group D starts
19.00 - 22.00 - Quarterfinals

November, 24 - Saturday
15.00 - Semifinals
18.00 - Semifinals
22.00 - 00.30 - Finals


Tournament format:


  • All matches in Group Phase - bo1. Winners and runners up of each group move on to Playoffs.
  • Playoff matches - bo3. Direct elimination.


Prize pool DreamHack Winter 2012:


  • 1st place ~ $15 000
  • 2nd place ~ $ 7000
  • 3rd place ~ $ 4000

Team rosters:


image Na`Vi: Puppey, Lost, Dendi, XBOCT, ARS-ART
image Evil Geniuses: Bdiz, DeMoN, Fear, Jeyo, Maelk
image Team Empire: Scandal, Silent, Goblak, Funn1k,  Sockshka
image AL: Bamboe, Freezer, MaNia, ComeWithMe, S0ny
image 3DMAX: Hyac, HeStEJoE-RoTTeN, Ace, HawaiiOo, NoiA
image No Tidehunter: EternalEnvy, S4, AdmiralBulldog, Akke, Loda
image mousesports: KuroKy, Black^, Alex, FATA, paS
image Dignitas: Fogged, Sneyking, Tidesoftime, Aui_2000, Waytosexy
image We haz Asian: hiphopNOTpop, RMC, unicornxoxo, Crydasia, Cr1t-
image Fnatic.EU: N0tail, Fly, Era, H4nn1, Trixi
image Pulse: Fishbone, Reesion, Wagamama, miniminimini, Pinoy-



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