Na`Vi with a series of matches today!


Our team will have to play an astonishing number of 4 matches today!
First off, we'll meet image EG in their own league - (EG) Raidcall Dota 2 League. We haven't played image EG recently and it will be interesting how will our new roster fare against them (and of course other teams aswell). That match will start at 17.00 CET.
Next up we'll have to face our Russian comrades from team image 3D at 18.00 CET! image Dread, image Solo and image Nexus are known faces in the Dota 2 world, and currently their newly formed team has a pretty solid record of 75% win ratio.
After the game against image 3D, we'll play against another '3D' team, just named slightly different -  image3DMAX! The Danes are no strangers to anybody in the scene now, they've performed really well in the last couple of weeks, just recently upsetting image Empire in StarLadder.
That match will be played at 19.00 CET!
Last but not least will be image No Tidehunter who just yesterday had a chance to show off their new roster (with EGM coming in) in full strength against aL (funnily enough, image Eternal Envy, their ex captain, stand-ined for image aL). The Swedes already played against us (with our old roster) a few days ago and outclassed us. How will they perform this time now that we have a slightly different roster? Match starts at around 22.00 CET!
Be sure to check out the streams in a few hours as we're in for a treat - a relatively long night of exciting Dota 2 matches!
Official streams:
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