StarSeries S1 LAN-final: Coverage


The LAN-final of the first Hearthstone season of StarLadder StarSeries will begin in a couple of days. Six best players of the season will meet in Kyiv to fight over the prize pool of $ 15 000. The card encounters will be held in Kiev Cybersport Arena. This is the first Hearthstone event of such scale in Ukraine.

Each participant of the tournament is well-known by the fans of the game all over the world. The main competitors include: Netherlands ThijsNL, who is the best player in Europe, Ukraine Kolento, who is one of the most titled professionals in Hearthstone, and Sweden Ostkaka, who will represent our organization at the tournament.


Prize pool

top 1 place — $ 6 000

top 2 place — $ 3 500

top 3 place — $ 2 500

top 4 place — $ 1 500

top 5-6 places — $ 750 each



  • LAN-final will be held in 2 stages: group stage and play-off
  • The format of group stage is round robin.
  • All matches are held in conquest best of 5 (before the beginning of the match a player can ban 1 deck of the rival). 
  • Four best players of the group stage will get to play-off.
  • The play-off will be held in double-elimination, all matches are best of 5.
  • The grand final's format is bo7.

Group stage

Rating table
# Player Matches Games
1. Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka 0–0 0–0
2. Netherlands Gamers2.ThijsNL 0–0 0–0
3. United States Liquid.Dog 0–0 0–0
4. Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento 0–0 0–0
5. United Kingdom F2K.Cipher 0–0 0–0
6. Czech Republic LG.StanCifka 0–0 0–0
match schedule
Time (CEST) Match Match page

16 October:

15:00 Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka VSNetherlands Gamers2.ThijsNL Watch
16:00 United States Liquid.Dog VS Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento  
17:00 Czech Republic LG.StanCifka VS United Kingdom F2K.Cipher  
18:00 Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento VS Netherlands Gamers2.ThijsNL  
19:00 Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka VS United Kingdom F2K.Cipher Watch
20:00 Czech Republic LG.StanCifka VS United States Liquid.Dog  
21:00 Netherlands Gamers2.ThijsNL VS United Kingdom F2K.Cipher  
22:00 Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento VS Czech Republic LG.StanCifka  

17 October:

15:00 Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka VS United States Liquid.Dog Watch
16:00 Czech Republic LG.StanCifka VS Netherlands Gamers2.ThijsNL  
17:00 United States Liquid.Dog VS United Kingdom F2K.Cipher  
18:00 Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka VS Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento Watch
19:00 Netherlands Gamers2.ThijsNL VS United States Liquid.Dog  
20:00 Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka VS Czech Republic LG.StanCifka Watch
21:00 Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento VS United Kingdom F2K.Cipher  

18 October:

14:00 The first round of the upper brackets. Match 1.  
15:00 The first round of the upper brackets. Match 2.  
16:00 The first round of the lower brackets..  
17:00 The second round of the upper brackets.  
18:00 The second round of the lower brackets.  
19:00 Grand Final.  





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