Homestretch to SLTV LAN-finals


The Born to Win have successfully passed the first group stage of SL i-League StarSeries XIV. After the seeding for the second group stage, we ended up in group B and are to encounter such strong opponents as EnVyUs, Titan and E-frag.


The first group stage is over. It went very smoothly for Natus Vincere, since our team expectedly qualified from group A after a few solidly played matches. The results of other groups are quite similar, and the elimination of CEVO champions,, from a relatively weak group was the only surprising thing.


The second group stage features eight teams that have already been divided into two groups of four participants each. Every participating team has quite solid chances to get to the next stage: two best-placed ones of each group will set off for LAN-finals, while the rest four will compete against each other at mini Last Chance tournament. Our players have quite decent chances to advance from first or second place, since they know how to play against both French rosters and a Bulgarian team. 




# Team
1. SwedenFnatic
2. DenmarkTeam Dignitas
3. DenmarkTeam SoloMid
4. InternationalG2 Esports


# Team
1. UkraineNatus Vincere
2. French GuianaTeam EnVyUs
3. French GuianaTitan
4. Esports Club


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