Solomid European Online Tournament - Day


Today it is the first day of the first Solomid European Tournament, and as usual we will provide you with the coverage of the tournament! The tournament is scheduled to start at 13:00 CET and besides amazing pro League of Legends action today and tomorrow, we can also expect a lot of entertainment, because the casting will be done by the legendary  ex Team Epik's captain image Dan Dinh and image Panky. Players are allowed to stream in the first and the second round of the Winner Bracket and Loser bracket, so you will not miss any Na`Vi games today (streams will be added when they go live).  We would also like to invite you to join a disucssion about everything regarding the tournament HERE! Tune in and support your favourite team. Go Na`Vi!


All matches will be played in a Best-of-Three format!


VODs of the first day.


Tournament announcment and more info 


[Update 22:30] image Na`Vi advances to the grand finals! Awesome job by our guys! See you guys tomorrow in the finals!


[Update 21:37] After close match image  TSM wins. Next game will decide finalist.


[Update 20:29] image Na`Vi wins first match.


[Update 19:50] First game with image  TSM starts.


[Update 18:55] Great play from both teams but image Na`Vi wins and advances to semi-finals. Next match image Na`Vi vs image  TSM.


[Update 17:40] image Na`Vi evens the score to 1:1! One more game guys! Go Na`Vi!


[Update 16:47] image is up 1:0.


[Update 15:51] image Na`Vi wins the series 2:1 with a convicing win in the last game! Playing image next.


[Update 14:51] image MYM takes the second game. It is 1:1 now. 


[Update 14:08] image Na`Vi game should start soon. image MYM was one hour late, so we get 1 game advantage. image Na`Vi 1:0 image MYM. Go Na`Vi! SAND's stream is online!







image SAND streaming Na`Vi games!



Stream with  Panky and  Dan Dinh






1st place: 1000?


2nd place: 400?


3rd place: 100?

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