Solomid European Online Tournament - Day


The final day of the tournament will start very soon with the lower final bracket game. image Na`Vi.LoL waits for the winner of loser bracket final (image TSM vs image  and the grand final is scheduled to start at ~15:00 CET.  Grand final will be played in 2x Best-of-3 format and our team has one game advantage, because they won the winner bracket. All of the games will be streamed on the official stream with image Dan Dinh and image Panky. We would still like for you fans to share your thoughts regarding our team's performance and the tournament in general HERE. Make sure to tune in today and support image Na`Vi.LoL in the grand final. Go Na`Vi!





Day 1 Coverage


Tournament announcment and more info 



[Update] image Na`Vi.LoL wins the tournament!


[Update 19:14] The second Bo3 series will be played tomorrow without stream ( refuses to play with stream). Check our website for the result!


[Update 18:25] image evens the series. Second Bo3 series might be postponed, because Na`Vi is playing Curse invitational. Stay tuned for more info!


[Update 17:33] image wins the second game. The score is 2:1 in favour of image Na`Vi. Go Na`Vi!


[Update 16:43] image Na`Vi takes the first game and only needs one more to win the tournament!


[Update 15:39] Grand final is coming up now! Go Na`Vi!







Stream with  Panky and  Dan Dinh






1st place: 1000?


2nd place: 400?


3rd place: 100?

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