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Today, we will feature Juggernaut Juggernaut, one of the most played heroes of our new carry and captain SwedenPer Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille. In pub, he has a total of 100 games with a solid 66% win rate and 5.83 KDA, and at this time Juggernaut is also his most played hero in 7.01, with 7 games and a 71.4% win rate. Overall, the average match duration has been 34:40, and he obtained an excellent 626 GPM. 
Pajkatt picked Juggernaut the most from 6.88e onwards, and particularly in 6.88f where he played a total of 40 matches. If compared to the previous patches, so far 7.01 games have been slightly longer with a 38:42 duration. Usually he played in the safe lane - in 56% of the games, but he didn’t neglect the mid position either, which made up for 39% of the matches. Pajkatt selected Juggernaut only 15 times in a competitive environment, attaining a 60% win rate and a legit 5.06 KDA. The last time was during Captains Draft 3.0 12 months ago, in which he defeated Russian FederationFantastic Five with an amazing 13-3-15 final score.
We will take a look at his last game to date (match ID: 2892050033). This match is particularly interesting because in the opposing team he happened to find two more pros: Russian FederationMaxim "yoky-" Kim on Queen of Pain Queen of Pain and Russian FederationAlexander "NoFear" Churochkin on Rubick Rubick, both members of CISF.R.I.E.N.D.S. Pajkatt was on the safe lane alone, while his Earth Spirit and Enigma were roaming and jungling in the early game - the enemies deployed Weaver and Treant Protector against him.
Pajkatt skill build
Our player followed the standard skill build for Juggernaut, giving priority to Blade FuryBlade Fury Blade Fury and Blade Fury Blade Dance, but he was also forced to skill one level into Healing Ward Healing Ward in order to increase his survivability chances in such a tough lane. 
For all our readers interested in the Talent Tree, he optet for the following bonuses: +20 damage, +20 attack speed, +8 all stats, +20 agility. This is also the most common talent usage in pubs so far, and the one with the highest average win rate. Definitely, Weaver Weaver and Treant Protector Treant weren’t strong opponents, or they were simply overwhelmed by our carry, because they ended dying six times each before the end of the match.
Talent usage (popularity = bar lenght)
Pajkatt got a full item build thanks to the amazing quantity of gold he was able to farm during the 46 minutes long game. He started with a  Stout Shield to survive the most in his safe but solo lane, and consumables of all kind for the same purpose. The  Magic Wand was great to counter Treant Protector - in fact, as long as he continued healing his teammates, our player could get extra charges for his wand. 
The build progressed with a pair of  Phase Boots and a  Ring of Aquila, the standard item choice for Juggernaut. The  Helm of the Dominator was recently reworked in 7.00, eliminating the mana cost for the active Dominate skill, and granting an attack speed and HP regen passive Aura in a 900 radius. It doesn’t provide lifesteal anymore, and has become a more support friendly item, but you can still use it on a carry if required. 
His next choice was the  Manta Style, an extremely important item to counter root-like effects, such as Treant Protector’s ultimate Overgrowth Overgrowth. Now that the roots have been buffed, even more heroes will forcefully have to include this item in their build, if they don’t want to remain defenseless at the mercy of the enemy. 
Pajkatt item build
Continuing, the  Mjollnir, an efficient wave clearer and a strong item in the hands of natural critter such as Juggernaut; thanks to the improved attack speed. The  Abyssal Blade is great to stun QoP, Weaver, or Anti-Mage: all these heroes have magnificent escape abilities, but the bash combined with the 2 seconds stun gives Juggernaut an edge - he can potentially dish out enough damage to kill at least the first two. Finally, a  Butterfly to strengthen his damage and survivability, as none of the enemy auto-attackers had a Monkey King Bar. A  Divine Rapier was picked just before the end of the game to show his supremacy.
SwedenPajkatt ended the game with an amazing 16-3-9 score, 30.9k net worth, 377 last hits, and 725 GPM. His team obtained the advantage starting from minute 22 and steadily increased it. A ferocious teamfight at 42 signed the conclusion of the match, with the team net worth jumping from 5,8k to 18,6k. The enemy Anti-Mage and Queen of Pain were the most durable heroes, with only 4 deaths each and a positive K/D/A - courtesy of their escape skills. The hero that fed our player the most was Weaver, with 6 deaths and 2k gold; on the second place Treant with 1.5k gold. 
Credits: pictures and statistics courtesy of Dotabuff
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#1 pk fasihullah123 8 January 2017, 20:45
he is a god with every hero not surprised at all with his performances
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