Na`Vi vs Moscow Five, 19.00 CET!

imageUPDATE: Another win in our bags! image Na`Vi defeat image M5 in a 53 minutes long game!

Four ex Virtus pro players will be fighting in today's match-up. image Vigoss, image Admiration, image LightOfHeaveN and image ARS-ART (Smile) will be a part of both team's rosters in an epic clash in Prodota2's League. image M5 have just recently wiped the floor with image aL in their StarLadder match while image Na`Vi, on the other hand, are growing stronger and stronger and building up their winning streak. With 2 stand-ins from the same team that all those previously listed legendary players come, namely VP, Na`Vi managed to get a convincing win against image in SL Series yesterday.

The odds are as always in our favour - 70% to 30%. Russians are never to be underestimated though, especially when they are led by such a renown captain in the face of pgg. Who will come out on top? Tune in tonight at 19.00 CET to find out!






English stream with image jD|TobiWanKenobi



Russian stream with image VeRsuta


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