Natus Vincere at Staff Cup #2


The first tournament of the eSport Mass Media representatives was spectacular for the viewers and tense for the participants. The second tournament promises to be even better, since the prize pool is as much as $11 000! Our organization will obtain an opportunity to fight for this prize too. We are glad to present the official staff squad of Natus Vincere, that will begin its tournament path in the end of this month. 


Our organization performed well at the last tournament. We gained the third place, having defeated the representatives of Russian This time we're going to perform even better to improve the result.

The main rivals of our team will be the representatives of SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas, which took the first place at the previous staff championship,, which won the tournament, and powerful teams of UkraineSLTV andRussian, the representatives of  fnatic, which showed rather poor performance, but are going to take revenge at Staff Cup #2.
Group stage will be held from 23 till 24 May. The play off will be conducted from 30 till 31 May. The games of both play off and group stage will have bo1 format. The final of the tournament is held in bo3 format.
Check out our squad for the Staff Cup No 2:
Ukraine Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko
Ukraine Sergey "starix" Ischuk
Ukraine Andrew "Andi" Prohorov
Ukraine Dmitry "SL1DE" Frishman
Russian Federation Dmitry "LeBwa" Palaschenko
In case any of the abovementioned players won't be able to participate in a match, we have a list of stand-in players:
Ukraine Eugene "Bublik" Zolotarev
Belarus Eugene "Ugin" Erofeev
Ukraine Rostislav "Andersen" Grubi
Ukraine Nikita "F1n" Sokolov


Squads of some of the participants:


SwedenNiP Staff: natu, HeatoN, PRIESt, LogaN, Kyan1te, hofven, Tweeday
UkraineSLTV.squad: panda, clim, snap, swed, sLR
UkraineSLTV.selectah: strike, weiss, sL4M, well, Hooch petr1k, GNR, Imbt, valentiNich, d3v1L, Vlady, goddam, vandersar Staff: BATISTUTA, Striker, MAKKU, lurppis, twirl, brcho, anakintm

InternationalFnatic Staff: cArn, devilwalk, Novante, Inz, aIZ, Dare_Dev1L, xen^

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