Staff Profile #2: Alexey Kondakov


Get to know Ukraine Natus Vincere from the inside. We've got so many talented and bright personalities working for our project and staying behind the scene.


Today we'll tell you about a great man and a true professional. Meet Na`Vi art-director Ukraine Alexey "Kondor" Kondakov. He's responsible for the graphics you see at the streams of the players and on social media. He also controls the quality.

However, few people know that apart from his work, Alexey has a small art-project, which was mentioned in many mass media worldwide, including and In his spare time Alexey do amazing things: he takes the heroes of the famous old pictures and places them in the modern world.
— Hy, Alexey! All the employees of our office know you very well, whereas Na`Vi fans know next to nothing about you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? When did you first understand you are meant to be a designer rather than a worker of a factory?

— Hi! I've been doing design for over 10 years now. I quickly realized I want to work in this sphere. I chose it when I was in school. I studied in art college, then in the institute. As I studied, I worked freelance at various design studios. Having worked for a long time as a freelance designer, I came across the vacancy of an art-director, went for an interview. And here I am, working here for over 18 months now.

— You are Art Director at Natus Vincere. What are the responsibilities of an art director of an eSports project? What are the art director's responsibilities in the other sectors of economy? Are there many differences between those?
— Art director controls the visual part of a brand. In our case brand is Natus Vincere. I need to control the level and the quality of the products representing Na`Vi. I a kind of an art manager.
Basing on the previous experience, I can say that working in eSports sector is like working in another dimension. Surely, the experience I'd received wasn't unnecessary. However, everything was different here in Na`Vi. Working as a designer in eSports is very interesting since the industry has great potential for implementation of any ideas.

— As far as we know, you've got your own art project. You put the heroes of the old paintings into modern locations: subway stations, dirty streets and buses. Tell us about this project. When did it emerge?
— The idea was very simple. One day I was looking through the album with old masterpieces. I saw a picture and imagined this situation in an ordinary surroundings of our city. As I returned home later that day I took a shot of some location and then quickly made a collage. Eventually when I saw the masterpieces I immediately imagined them in our city. This is how the project was born.

I posted my works on facebook. First Ukrainian facebook users and news websites spotted my creations. Then the collages got to the foreign web portals. Some reporters found my profile on facebook and wrote articles on my works. To my surprise the information about me was spread around the internet at a speed of light. I haven't expected to achieve such success. I didn't even managed to create all the collages I wanted.

Works by Alexey:

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