Staff Profile #3: Kirill Alexeev

Do you like Na`Vi branded clothing the way we do? And what about our black and yellow gear or accessories? Ukraine Natus Vincere has a wide range of branded products sold on our website. And who's in charge of it? Meet Ukraine Kirill "laville" Alexeev, Sales manager of our organization. Just as our players, he's a mighty warrior, 'cause he challenges the producers and sellers of fake Na`Vi things all over the world.
Kirill joined the project in 2012 and has become an inalienable part of our organization. Apart from sales, he also contributes to the development of the design of our products. We talked to Kirill to learn more about him and his job. Enjoy the reading!
— Hello, Kirill! Tell us about yourself. People know little about you, though you've worked for quite a while here.
— Hello, everyone! I'm in charge of production and sale of Ukraine Na`Vi branded clothing and things, and a bit of sponsorship contracts. I've helped the fans to buy clothes and things with our symbols, though remaining in shadow. There are many people in our organization, who are selflessly working to achieve our common goals, yet remain unknown. 
— When did you join the project? What is your position and your responsibilities? Did you pass job interview? If yes, how did it pass?
— My position enjoys a beautiful name of the Head of Direct Sales Department. I began working in 2012. I've known Ukraine Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kohanovsky for quite a while (before Na`Vi emerged as organization). During one of our meetings, an idea of developing Na`Vi branded clothes emerged. I've been doing this ever since. So I didn't have any interview. I can say I used my connections to get job.
My basic responsibilities include: 
  • the development of new design of the products;
  • the choice of the best producers and delivery services;
  • the search of the partners, which would sell our products to the fans;
  • sales.
— Ukraine Natus Vincere is actively developing. You work in the main office. Have you noticed any changes over the past several years? Did they impact your work somehow?
— Surely, the changes can be easily spotted. When I began working, there were 6 people working in the organization (apart from players). Today there are much more of us. It has become much easier and faster to develop new products and conduct campaigns. New interesting projects emerged, both in new gaming titles and in new esports spheres. Now we are working in new office. It is much comfortable to work here compared to the previous ones.   

Na`Vi branded products
— Surely, the Born to Win have fans all over the world. They dream of getting an accessory with team's symbol or of simply buying uniform. In which country are Na`Vi products sold best?
— Yes. There are many fans. When we began the promotion of our products the markets of Russian and Ukraine were the biggest. As per moment, due to the crisis, the European region is the leader. Apart from that we are very popular in Asian countries: Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore. However, we've got issues selling our branded product in this region due to many cheap fakes of low quality and the high cost of delivery of our official products there. However, we are constantly looking for the way to represent there (and not only there) our true products.  
— The range of Ukraine Natus Vincere branded products is constantly growing. Tell us if any new things will be presented in 2015? It will be most interesting for our fans?
— We have some very serious plans of extending our assortment. I can't tell you the exact dates, but we're planning to introduce new caps, rucksacks, windbreaker and many other things. Each product requires serious preparation before putting it into production, as we're trying to provide only high quality things to our fans.
— Are you a fan of eSports? How much time do you spend playing? The games of which Natus Vincere teams do you follow most?
— I began paying much attention to eSports when I joined Na`Vi. I don't have time to play, as I spend all the time working or communicating with my family. However, I often follow the game of our Dota 2 and CS:GO squads. For example, I recently watched the finals of ESWC and I'm very happy for the guys. I congratulate them on winning first place! 
— Do you regret joining Na`Vi? Does the work of sales manager in eSports differs from that on other industries? Are responsibilities the same?
— I surely do not regret. Esports is a very interesting industry, which is growing and developing very fast. In order to keep leader's position, you need to run non-stop and be capable of reacting immediately to any changes. If we speak about b2b sales of products, they are mostly identical to those in other industries. Still the market is young and some processes are made in a different way. For example, it concerns design: eSports audience is unique and generally accepted trends can fail to work with our fans. Well, thank you very much for that, dear fans! This makes my work much more interesting!

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