Starcraft heroes coming


Dustin Browder continues communicating with Heroes of the Storm fans and players in Twitter. Recently he shared information about the upcoming changes in the system of rating games and revealed the plans of the new heroes to be introduced in the game. This time they will come from StarCraft Universe.


This message is related to the work on the rating matches. Foreword: the rating of all the players was decreased to zero after the recent introduction of a new patch. In order to participate in rating games, a player needs to play 20 matches. However, some players stated that the new system provided them a rank, which wasn't the same as the previous one. By working on the system of the rating matches, the developers decided to fix the mistakes. For example, they decided to remove imbalance of the system of search, when a team of four or three players could encounter a team consisting of one player. Soon this option will be removed. Instead, rating games will be available for solo player, a pair of players or five players only. 



The second tweet is devoted to the upcoming Nexus heroes. The recent updates of heroes (Leoric, Kharazim)  and battlegrounds (Battlefield of Eternity, Infernal Shrines) came from Diablo Universe. It seems that the developers are planning the new introductions from StarCraft. The medic-hero and Artanis were announced at gamescom and the developers paid much attention to the respective Universe by issuing thematic appearances of Tychus, which proves that the words of Dustin. Most likely new heroes will be introduced in the game after the release of Rexxar, which will soon be added in the game. The information about the battlegrounds of StarCraft hasn't been revealed yet.

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