Star Series: the start of XII season


Starladder announces the beginning of the twelfth season of Star Series. The teams of all over the world will fight for the prize pool (the beginning sum is 80 000$). As it was before, the battles will be held in Europe, China, America and South-East Asia. The best teams of each region will receive the invites for participation in LAN-final.


As concerns the novelties, the organizers have completely changed the system of the championship. Instead of conducting one group stage (with 16 teams in one group fighting against each other), there will be 4 groups now. The meetings will be held in bo3 format, which will make games even more exciting and the results fairer. Only 2 teams of each group will get to the second stage, so the participants will have to do their best in the very beginning.

Blind lot put UkraineNatus Vincere in one group along with Sweden Basically UnknownRussian FederationTeam Empire and Germany GOOMBA Gaming. The matches will be held 14-15 March, so you'd better plan your schedule accordingly on those days, so that you don't miss the matches of your favorite team. Find the exact time of the matches in the table below.


During the whole month fans can watch the highest level matches, which are brought to them by the most popular studios in the world:

  • UkraineSLTV;
  •  United StatesBeyondTheSummit;

Natus Vincere matches:


Match schedule:
Time (CET) Match Match Page
OVER UkraineNatus Vincere [0:2] Russian Federation Team Empire Watch
OVER UkraineNatus Vincere [1:2] Sweden Basically Unknown Watch
OVER UkraineNatus Vincere [2:1] Germany GOOMBA Gaming Watch

The format of the group stage:

  • 16 teams are divided into 4 groups (4 teams in each group).
  • The matches in the groups are played in bo3 format.
  • The team that takes fourth place in the group leaves Star Series.
  • The team that takes third place in the group stays in Star Series in the next season.
  • The team that take first and second places in the group continue the battle in the second stage.

Group stage:


Group A:
# Team G W L S
1. International Team Secret #1 3 3 0 9
2. Greece London Conspiracy #2 3 2 1 6
3. Russian Federation Duza Gaming 3 1 2 3
4. Russian Federation Moscow Five 3 0 3 0
Group B:
# Team G W L S
1. Russian Federation Team Empire #1 3 3 0 9
2. Germany GOOMBA Gaming #2 3 1 2 3
3. Ukraine Natus Vincere 3 1 2 3
4. Sweden Basically Unknown 3 1 2 3
Group C:
# Team G W L S
1. United States Cloud9 #1 3 3 0 9
2. Ukraine ScaryFaceZ #2 3 2 1 6
3. Russian Federation Vega Squadron 3 1 2 3
4. Ukraine HellRaisers 3 0 3 0
Group D:
# Team G W L S
1. Sweden Alliance #1 3 3 0 9
2. Russian Federation ASUS.Polar #2 3 2 1 6
3. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas 3 1 2 3
4. Belarus Power Rangers 3 0 3 0


Prize pool (as of March 25) :

1 place - $50,661 (45%)
2 place - $22,512 (20%)
3 place - $15,758 (14%)
4 place - $9,005 (8%)
5-6 places - $4,502 each (4%)
7-8 places - $2,814 each (2,5%)

List of participants:

Ukraine Natus Vincere: DkPhobos, Dendi, Goblak, XBOCT, Vanskor
International Team Secret: Arteezy, s4, Zai, Puppey, KuroKy
Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas: Era, jonassomfan, Handsken, Sealkid, Limmp
Sweden Alliance: Loda, Akke, Pajkatt, Niqua, standin.7ckngMad
United States Cloud9: EternaLEnVy, FATA-, bOne7, BigDaddy, MiSeRy
Russian Federation Moscow Five: zxc, Slander, sQreen, Bignum, Chomy
Russian Federation Team Empire: Silent, Resolut1on, ALOHADANCE, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, yoky
Ukraine HellRaisers: Artes, Afoninje, Gorec, goddam, Dread
Belarus Power Rangers: Ditya Ra, chshrct, j4, SoNNeikO, TBA
Sweden Basically Unknown: MinD_ContRoL, Slavi, Nikobaby, Zain007, staysmall
Russian Federation ASUS.Polar: IllidanSTR, Lil, fng, TBA, TBA
Greece London Conspiracy: Keyser Soze, Madara, ReaLaxXx, SKANKS224, SsaSpartan
Russian Federation Duza Gaming: Limb0, Kapron, Unnstable, Legion, MIBTHEBEST
Russian Federation Vega Squadron: No[o]ne, TpoH, 9pashaebashu, CemaTheSlayeR, ArsZeeqq
Germany GOOMBA Gaming: rmN, Ede, Chill, Exist, Gasha
Ukraine ScaryFaceZ: QwisTa, State21, ArtStyle, Ecnart, Sh4dowehhh

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