Last chance for Ostkaka


Two group stages of the first season of StarLadder StarSeries in Hearthstone are over. Four players to participate in LAN final have been determined. However, the online part of the final hasn't finished yet. The organizers are sure that each participant deserves second chance to demonstrate his performance and win the slot in the LAN. 

Therefore, 14 players, who lost in the group stages, will participate in the Last Chance tournament. The player of our team Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall is among them. Sweden Ostkaka failed to pass the first group stage and took the fourth place in the tournament table. However, all his matches were finished with 2:3 score. Perhaps, he lacked luck in some matches. Now he's got a chance to prove, that he's the one, who deserves to go to the LAN in Kyiv.


Due to Germany Lifecoach' refuse to take an advantage of the Last Chance, Sweden Ostkaka will begin his performance from the second round. His rival is the best player in Asia - Korea, Republic of Surrender. The best of 3 match will be held at about 21:00 CEST. The winner of the match will get to the next stage to encounter another powerful player  United States Archon.Firebat.

Watch the games tonight and support Sweden Ostkaka, let's create magic of good luck for him!


Format of the championship:

— single-elimination brackets,
— all matches are best of 3.


Last Chance tournament brackets:

Russian FederationHR.Kucha
Russian Federation Kucha
0Russian Federation Kucha
Ukraine Kolento
WUkraine Cloud9.Kolento
3Ukraine Kolento
3Ukraine Kolento
0Sweden Forsen
0Poland Nihilium.Lothar
1United States Zalae
3United States Archon.Zalae
0Germany Nihilium.Lifecoach
3Sweden Ostkaka
3Sweden Ostkaka
Sweden Ostkaka
WSweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka
1Sweden Archon.Orange
0Korea, Republic of Surrender
3Korea, Republic of KaK.Surrender
2United States Firebat
United States Firebat
United States Archon.Firebat


Intermediate matches:

3Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento
Ukraine Kolento
1United Kingdom Aware.Cipher
3Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka
Sweden Ostkaka
2Ukraine HellRaisers.Lostov




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