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Hello everyone from the Day Two of theStarLadder StarSeries Finals! Today we will see the how the tournament progress in the playoff where we have image Natus Vincere taking on image Mousesports (match starts at 13:00 CET) and image Darer looking to beat image M5 again at 16:30. Right after we will have Winner Bracket Final and Loser Bracket Round 1 match where we will see yet another team being eliminated. Like always here we will provide all the latest content from the event including videos and interviews.




Day One coverage + videos from the event
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Tournament updates:


23:27 - Good bye everyone! Tomorrow we will meet again with you on match image Mousesports vs image Darer and than the winner of this match will fight with image M5..


23:13 image Natus Vincere collected all potential and try to finish last game very fast. Only 22 minutes needed to win image M5. Total score is 2-0. Congratulations image Natus Vincere! 


22:42 image M5 said before the match that they have special tactics and said sorry to image Natus Vincere. Second match started so let's see the picks:




22:21 - Agressive push strategy helped image Natus Vincere to win the first game with image Moscow 5 . In 10 minutes we will continue the match!


21:36 - Probably the most anticipated match of image Natus Vincere vs image Moscow 5 was started. What we have heard, the match is promising to be a really awesome one ;). Pick / Bans:




20:37 image Moscow 5 just does the same what image Natus Vincere did in the first semifinal match few hours earlier. Losing 0 to 1 they have found some spirit to fight back and send image Darer to the loser bracket of the Starladder Star Series Finals. That means we will now witness that epic LAN battle verus the allmighty image PPG. Make sure you get your drinks and watch the game, starting in about 30 minutes on the main stage of Kiev CyberSport Arena.


19:27 image M5 didn't want to go home and they definitely want to show their fans some good game. It took them 29 minutes to beat image Darer and *anyone to give us some cold water, please?* things start to get really hot here! The third match begins now.


19:21 - A funny thing emerged in the first match of image Darer vs image M5 where a player of the latter team destroyed aegis right after killing Roshan. The Lone Druid player claimed that that was ingame bug but IceFrog himself watched the replay and game logs and proved that aegis was right autoattacked to death. A cruel world of DOTA 2, isn`t it?


19:18 - Will Rubick become yet another image Dendi's title hero? Watch this video to find out:



18:58 - Second match image Darer vs image Moscow 5 was started. This game can spot the second finalist of Starladder. Pick / Bans:




18:34 image Darer takes the lead in the series with a convincing 29 to 7 score (or something like that, it's quite hard to follow the live action here, because there is a huge crowd behind both teams, playing in the gaming zone). The next match versus image Moscow 5 is commencing shortly and this is where the next opponent for image Na`Vi will be decided.


16:51 - 23 minutes was enough for image Na`Vi to beat image mouz and proceed to the winner bracket final where they will play either image Darer or image Moscow 5 later tonight. This match will start soon.


16:37 - Meanwhile we have new videopack for you guys:




16:22 - Last final third game image Na`Vi vs image Mousesport was started. Pick / bans:




16:10 image Na`Vi don't want to loose so easy. After 35 minutes image Na`Vi won image Mousesport! The score now 1-1. We are waiting for third match.


15:22 - The second match image Na`Vi vs image Mousesport is live. Pick / bans: 




15:09 - In the 65 minutes match imagemousesports's lategame pick proves itself and they take 1:0 lead in the bo3 series. Game 2 starting shortly. 


13:54 - The match image Na`Vi vs image Mousesport is live. Pick / bans: 




13:52 - Sometimes you need just one hit to kill the King of DOTA image PGG himself. Enjoy :)



13:09 - We now have that two videos, the first one is an interview with XBOCT's talking head and Dendi trolling ARS-ART. Enjoy!




12:39 - It seems that match image Na'Vi vs image Mousesports will delayed. We can see now only image XBOCT who is preparing his PC to the match.


10:47 - We got an interview with XBOCT's talking head as well as filmed what Dendi really thinks of ARS-ART. The videos will be done with English subtitles within the next hour or so.


Play-off, Winner Bracket Final (bo3):


 image Na`Vi [2:0] image M5


Play-off, Loser Bracket Round 1 (bo3):


Saturday, 13:00 CET  - image Mousesports vs image Darer


Play-off, Winner Bracket Semifinals (bo3):


image Na`Vi [2:1] image Mousesports
image Darer [1:2image Moscow 5


Prize pool of the DOTA 2 Star Series:


1 place – $6000

2 place – $3000

3 place – $2500 

4 place – $2000

5 place – image Empire - $500




image Na'Vi: Puppey, LightOfHeaven, Dendi, XBOCT, ARS-ART
image Darer: Artstyle, GOD, Go[blin], Mag~, Funn1k
image Empire: Scandal, blow, James, Fly, Jackal
image Mousesports: 1437, Black^, SingSing, SexyBamboe, CWM
image M5: PGG, Bloodangel, Silent, Admir, vigoss

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