StarLadder Season 4 Finals: Day 2 Covera

Hello guys! Yesterday we saw the 1st day of StarLadder Season 4 Finals. Our team had a successful showing, beating image FnaticRC with a clean result of 2-0. On the other part of the Winner Bracket, image Empire expectedly prevailed over image Virtus Pro (second time in a row in last 2 tourrnaments).
image FnaticRC and  image Virtus Pro will be the first teams to fight today, and it will be a fight for survival, as one of them won't be moving to the next phase of the tournament, while we'll be facing team image Empire later in the day. Whoever wins that match-up will move on to the Grand Finals and play on Day 3.

Tournament updates:

23:20 CET - image Na`Vi beats Empire 2-0 and will move on to the Grand Final of StarLadder Season 4! We'll be awaiting the winner between image FnaticRC and image Empire, see you tomorrow guys!

22:27 CET - image Na`Vi takes the win in an epic 60 minute game 1! Players will have a short break and proceed with game 2!

Game 2 picks:

image Na`Vi   image image image image image
image Empireimage image image image image

21:30 CET - image Na`Vi vs image Empire has started! Tune in to the streams and enjoy!

Picks for game 1:

image Na`Vi: image image image image image
image Empire: image image image image image

18:15 CET - image Fnatic moves on to the Loser Bracket finals, they'll be waiting for the loser of the match between image Na`Vi and image Empire which will start in 2 hours!

17:10 CET - image Virtus Pro tie the series, deciding third game to follow!


image Virtus Pro: image image image image image

image FnaticRC: image image image image image

16:02 CETimage FnaticRC grab the win  in the first game rather convincingly, game two to follow, can image VP comeback or will Fnatic be the team that knocks them out of the tournament?

Game two picks:

 image FnaticRC: image image image image image

image Virtus Pro: image image image image image

15:19 CET - Game 1 between image FnaticRC and image Virtus Pro is live! Picks:


image FnaticRC: image image image image image

image Virtus Pro: image image image image image


15:01 CET Match should be coming up in a few minutes!

12.00 CET A few hours until the first match of the day between FnaticRC and Virtus Pro starts, enjoy some of the content that we've posted on our youtube page:





Official stream:





Winner bracket:

image Na`Vi LIVE image Empire

OVER image Na`Vi [2:0] image FnaticRC

OVER - image Empire [2:1] image


Loser bracket:


image FnaticRC [2:1] image Virtus Pro



Tournament system:  Double elimination format, all matches except the Grand Final will be bo3, the last match-up will be a bo5.



1st place – $8000
2nd place – $4000
3rd place – $2000
4th place – $1000
Team rosters:
image Natus Vincere: Puppey, XBOCT, LightofHeaven, ARS-ART, Dendi
image FnaticRC: H4nn1-, Fly, Era, Notail, Trixi
image Empire: Goblak Funn1k, Silent, blowyourbrain, Scandal
image NS, illidanSTR, Santa, ksi, Crazy


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