StarLadder Season 4 Finals: Day 3 Covera


Greetings everybody! Yesterday we saw a refreshed image Na`Vi that played some pretty exciting games against team image Empire. Our team managed to qualify to the Grand Finals of StarLadder Season 4 and will be playing on Sunday against the winner of the match against image FnaticRC and image Empire. 
We will follow that exact match today so please be sure to check out our coverage as always, we will also be updating you with awesome content from our youtube page.

Tournament updates:


22:20 CET - And we'll have a rematch! image Empire have just beaten image FnaticRC and will meet image Na`Vi tomorrow in the Grand Final of StarLadder's Season 4! Our team will of course have a 1-0 WB advantage! See you tomorrow!

21:50 CETimage Empire tie the series 1-1, the last deciding game has just started! Picks:

image Empire:  image image image image image
image FnaticRCimage image image image image


21:10 CET - 2nd game picks:

image Empire:  image image image image image
image FnaticRCimage image image image image

21:01 CET - 1-0 image for Fnatic, 2nd game coming up!

20:05 CET - Game between image FnaticRC and image Empire has started! Picks:

image FnaticRC: image image image image image
image Empire: image image image image image

19:26 CET - Players are setting up on stage so the game should begin shortly!

16:25 CET - A few hours until the only match of today between FnaticRC and Empire starts! Enjoy the latest content from our youtube page:





Official stream:





Winner bracket:

Sunday, 23.12 image Na`Vi vs image FnaticRC / image Empire

Loser bracket:

Saturday, 22.12 image FnaticRC 19.00 CET image Empire



Tournament system:  Double elimination format, all matches except the Grand Final will be bo3, the last match-up will be a bo5.



1st place – $8000
2nd place – $4000
3rd place – $2000
4th place – $1000
Team rosters:
image Natus Vincere: Puppey, XBOCT, LightofHeaven, ARS-ART, Dendi
image FnaticRC: H4nn1-, Fly, Era, Notail, Trixi
image Empire: Goblak Funn1k, Silent, blowyourbrain, Scandal
image NS, illidanSTR, Santa, ksi, Crazy


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