Na`Vi.Dota 2 to play 5 teams in StarLadd


Another playday in StarLadder for our Dota 2 team! To start things off, the boys will meet our fellow countrymen from image iLuminate who have yet to find a 5th player for their roster and will be using a stand-in. Next match will be against image SHZ which is a mix between ex image eVo and image Gamersleague int players. Line-up is now composed of Swedish only players. Following that match will be a game against image XX5 (former image zNation players) and shortly after we'll meet image FnaticRC's EU line-up. 
The last match of the night will be against image Mousesports. An exciting day for the Dota 2 world for sure! Matches start off at 17.00 CET and will continue to be played up until around 24.00 CET.
Official streams:
image English stream with image TobiWan
image English stream with image EpiCommentary
image Russian stream with image v1lat


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