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Hello everyone! We're happy to bring you our coverage of StarLadder Season 4's Finals. The final phase of the tournament will be played throughout 20-23 December, as usually in the Kiev Cybersport Arena and will bring us some exciting days of Dota 2 action!
The teams that managed to qualify to the semifinals are image Na`Vi, image FnaticRC, image Empire and image 
3 of  the teams in the top 4 are coming off recent tournament wins. Yesterday image Na`Vi crowned themselves as back-to-back GosuLeague champions, image Empire emerged victorious at ASUS Open 2012 (Final Battle Of The Year) 3 days earlier and just about 10 days ago image FnaticRC picked up their first offline achievement by defeating image NoTidehunter in the Grand Final of THOR Open.
All 4 teams are looking strong and on equal footing. Even though this might be one of the first tournaments that image Na`Vi isn't considered the favourite or even marked as underdogs, our team has always been a force to be reckoned with, especially on LAN finals!
Day 1 is coming up in a few hours so get ready to watch some Dota 2 and make sure you follow our coverage of the event!

Tournament updates:


22:18 CET - image Empire seal the deal and will meet image Na`Vi in the Winner Bracket final tomorrow, image Virtus Pro will face image Fnatic in the first round of the Loser Bracket!


21:28 CET - Picks:

image Empire    : image image image image image
image Virtus.Pro: image image image image image

21:25 CETimage Virtus Pro ties the series, game 3 to follow:

20:28 CET - Game 2 picks:

image Empire    : image image image image image
image Virtus.Pro: image image image image image

20:25 CET - 1-0 for image Empire after a close 35 minute game! Game two coming up soon!

19:30 CET - It's live! Picks for game 1:

image Empire: image image image image image

image Virtus Pro: image Magnus image image image

19:00 CET - The match between image Empire and image Virtus Pro should be starting soon! Stay tuned!

17:10 CET - 2-0 for our team and they will be moving on to the Upper Bracket Finals awaiting the winner of the match between image Virtus Pro and image Empire.

16:21 CET - Picks for game 2:

image FnaticRC: image Magnus image image image

image Na`Vi: image image image image image

16:15 CET - First game goes to image Na`Vi. Second game to follow! 

15:20 CET - Game 1 is live! Picks:

image Na`Vi: image image image image image

image FnaticRC: image image image image Magnus

14:46 CET - The game between image Na`Vi and image FnaticRC is about to start soon, players are setting up on stage!

13:10 CET - Check out our giveaway while you wait for the games to start!



12:00 CET - A few hours until the first match between Na`Vi and FnaticRC starts. Enjoy StarLadder Season 4 Finals' teaser: 



Official stream:






Winner bracket:

OVER image Na`Vi [2:0] image FnaticRC

OVERimage Empire [2:1] image

Loser bracket:

image FnaticRC vs image Virtus Pro



Tournament system:  Double elimination format, all matches except the Grand Final will be bo3, the last match-up will be a bo5.



1st place – $8000
2nd place – $4000
3rd place – $2000
4th place – $1000
Team rosters:
image Natus Vincere: Puppey, XBOCT, LightofHeaven, ARS-ART, Dendi
image FnaticRC: H4nn1-, Fly, Era, Notail, Trixi
image Empire: Goblak Funn1k, Silent, blowyourbrain, Scandal
image NS, illidanSTR, Santa, ksi, Crazy


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