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Tomorrow European's finest gaming center Kiev CyberSport Arena will host LAN finals of one of the most popular DOTA 2 tournaments in 2012 - Starladder StarSeries. For the next four days our team image Na`Vi.DOTA2 will fight for the champion's trophy along with $6000 first prize along with such teams as image Moscow 5, image Darer и image CLG. Moreover, during these days few official matches at Prodota II and Premier League Season 2 will be played, which means a lot of hot gaming action and pure fun.


Just as usual, we will be doing a live coverage from the event which means that from April 26th to April 29th will convert into your place to be for all the latest content from this DOTA 2 tournament and image Natus Vincere official matches. What should you expect? Well, tons of video content including interviews, fun-videos, hottest hilights as well as detailed on-sight coverage.  


You are still unsure what to expect? Well, simply check out Starladder StarSeries finals coverage teaser we made for you!



Tournament schedule:


Thursday, 26th of April, - 17:00 CET - Semifinal: image Natus Vincere vs image Moscow 5
Thursday, 26th of April, - 20:00 CET - Semifinal: image Darer vs image CLG
Friday, 27th of April, - 15:00 CET - Lower Bracket Final
Friday, 27th of April, - 18:00 CET - Upper Bracket Final
Saturday, 28th of April, - 20:00 CET - Consolation Final
Sunday, 29th of April, - 20:00 CET - The Grand Final




image Natus Vincereimage Puppey (c), image Dendi, image LighTofHeaven, image XBOCT, image ARS-ART
image Darerimage ArtStyle (c), image NS, image GOD, image Dread, image Santa
image CLGimage Loda (c), image Pajkatt, image Mirakel, image Akke, image Misery (standing)
image Moscow 5image PGG (c), image Bloodangel, image Vigoss, image Inmate, image Silent


Star Series Dota 2 prize pool distribution:


  • 1 place – $6000
  • 2 place – $3000
  • 3 place – $2500 
  • 4 place – $2000
  • 5 place – image It's Gosu Esports, $500
  • 6 place – image Team Dignitas, $400
  • 7 place – image Quantic Gaming, $350
  • 8 place – image DTS, $250
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#1 31 May 2012, 11:38
ARRRRGH! I just found out about this auction on Elana Roth's blog and I'm a half hour too late to bid!!! Darn Eastern Time. But, so what? I work for a puiibshlng company; I'll do better than just whine. Jennifer Rofe, if you are game, I'll trade you an additional five-page YA critique (not the one the bidder on this page has honestly gained through her generous donation, but a second one) for an entire box of age-appropriate manga series donated to Tulakes, and a second box donated to its sister high school (whichever school that might be). The total value of the books will be equal to or above the $150 bid that won this auction. Game?
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bz6djY gaoaxjtwldma
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#3 2 June 2012, 01:36
PCOzM3 vszgehiqnyrk
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