Starladder StarSeries Day Four Coverage


Welcome to the fourth and the final day of Starladder Star Series tournament where today we will know the name of the ultimate winner. While image Natus Vincere is now waiting for their next opponent in the Grand Final,  image CLG and image M5 will fight in the Lower Bracket's final for the stop. This match was not played last night due to tournament delays and will start at 13:00 CET.


As usual, we will be providing you with lots of video and photo content from the event, so say tuned and enjoy the action together with !


English stream by image PurgeGamers

Russian stream by image v1at and image Casper


Photogallery from the event


Latest updates:

We are the champions, my friend! Well done to our boys, they add another title to our name and prove once again why they're are the number one Dota 2 team in the world!

Final result: image Na`Vi 3:1 image Moscow Five

[01:42] - Epic game! image Na`Vi are in the lead with 2-1 after it, XBOCT bought a Divine Rapier! :) Get 'em boy!
Game 4 coming up soon after a short break! Stay tuned!

image Moscow Five: Night Stalker, Vengeful Spirit, Death Prophet, Invoker, Crystal Maiden
image Na`Vi: Antimage, Jakiro, Dark Seer, Enigma, Shadow Shaman

[00:33] - Unfortunately, image M5 take a win in the first game (or shall we say the 2nd one since image Na`Vi has a 1:0 WB advantage) and tie the series 1:1. The teams will  have a short break and second game will be on the way!
Picks for the first game:

image Na`Vi: Shadowfiend, Chen, Vengeful Spirit, Sand King, Windrunner
image Moscow Five: Night Stalker, Leshrac, Nature's Prophet, Antimage, Lich

[23:29] - As Clockwerk loves to say: "Aaaaaaand, it's off!" Let's watch some epic Dota 2 action guys! image Na`Vi vs image M5, it all comes down to this!

[22:55] - The Grand Final between  image Na`Vi and image Moscow 5 starts soon, the boys are setting up on stage!

[20:55] - Point Blank matches have just ended and World of Tanks guys will now go on the stage. The DOTA 2 Grand Final is scheduled for 23:00 CET...


[18:12] - One may surprize but image Moscow 5 sends image CLG packing home and proceeds to the image Grand Final where they will beet Natus Vincere. The December's Star Championship rematch will start not earlier than 21:30 CET as we will now see other discipines finals to be played.


[17:41] - While the match is still running, we have interviewed our teamleader image Clement "Puppey" Ivanov. Watch he had to say about their matches and grand final predictions, click CC in YouTube player to enable subtitles:



[17:51] - image CLG have won second match! It will be next one after rest of players! So wait for it because winner will enter to Grand-Final!


[17:23] - First Blood did - image CLG Harosh.


[17:10] - It is being started next round of imageM5 - image CLG! It will be hot game because it can be last game for image CLG. Enjoy this game!


[15:56] - image PGG and co beats Swedes in the first game and will now have to show such performance in the second game to get to the Grand Final. Will they do so or image CLG can get some spirit and pull it off to 1-1? Will know soon!


[14:40] - image Moscow 5 and image CLG are already on the stage, the match will commence very soon, tune in to the stream!


[13:36] - The match is delayed and will hopefully start at 14:00 CET. Meanwhile we have updated our photogallery, which you can check here.


[11:44] - The tournament has just started and while it's still an hour and a half for DOTA 2 match, it's still unsure where it will be played. The scene is now occupied by Point Blank and World of Tanks players so probably PGG and Loda will play in the gaming zone. We will report about it additionally. Also a photogallery made by our very own fan Konstantin Eskov will be available soon.


Tournament schedule:

  • Sunday, April, 29th, 13:00 CET - Consolation Final - image CLG [1:2] image M5
  • Sunday, April, 29th, 20:00 CET - Grand Final image Na`Vi vs image M5

Overall standings:

  • 1st place – $6000
  • 2nd place – $3000
  • 3rd place – image CLG $2500 
  • 4th place – image Darer Entertainment $2000
  • 5th place – image It's Gosu Esports, $500
  • 6th place – image Team Dignitas, $400
  • 7th place – image Quantic Gaming, $350
  • 8th place – image DTS, $250


DOTA 2 Highlights by image  Na`Vi.HeLiCaL:







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