Starladder StarSeries Day Two Coverage


We're now back to Kiev CyberSport Arena for the 2nd day of Starladder Star Series final where today's matches will be decisive for two teams. The first clash will start in the lower bracket between image Darer and image Moscow 5 when we see one of them wave good bye to the tournament and transform into viewers. The second match that starts later tonight involves our very own image Natus Vincere to take on Loda's image CLG for the place in the grand final.


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[23:38 ] image Na`Vi move on to the Grand Final of StarLadder after a 2-0 against image CLG, the Swedes will be playing image M5 in the Loser Bracket Final tomorrow while our boys will be having a rest waiting for the Championship Sunday when the Grand Final will be played!

Picks for the second game were:
image Na`Vi: Invoker, Syllabear, Pugna, Night Stalker, Leshrac
image CLG: Antimage, Tidehunter, Shadow Demon, Venomancer, Crystal Maiden

Also, we present to you an interview we did with StarLadder's v1lat, you can watch it below: (Remember to click the CC button for English subtitles!)

[22:20] Na`Vi take game one against image CLG after an almost 20k gold and experience advantage!

Picks for the first game were:
image Na`Vi: Broodmother, Invoker, Crystal Maiden, Sand King, Dark Seer
image CLG: Enchantress, Leshrac, Shadow Fiend, Vengeful Spirit, Windrunner

Game 2 is up soon, while waiting you can watch this video of image M5 showing a lot of emotions after their win against image Darer!

[20:56] Some fresh content just before the match's about to start! :) Pajkatt and Mirakel interviewed!

[20:40] - It may come as a surprise for a lot of people, but M5 puts an end to Darer's run in the tournament with a decisive 2-0 win. Our match against image CLG is coming up in around 20 minutes! Stay tuned!

[20:13] - Game two commences: 

image M5: DarkSeer, Leshrac, Enigma, Crystal Maiden, Antimage
image Darer : Nature Prophet, Sand King, Queen of Pain, WindRunner, Enchantress


[19:28] - M5 take an epic win against Darer after some amazing twists. The teams are going to take their time and chill a bit before the second game starts! We present to you some close-up video of respectively ArtStyle and Vigoss playing alongside their teammates!

[19:24] - This is one of a hell insane match for both teams... While there's action, we uploaded our first photogallery, available here.


[19:07] - You know that all players are warming up before the match but what about the way Dread prepares for this important matchs?! Check this out:



[18:33] - We have added all VOD links from the first day. Please check them in the bottom of the coverage. Meanwhile game two between "The Russians" start, picks:

image Darer: Nature's Prophet, Chen, Sand King, Leshrac, Vengeful Spirit
image Moscow Five: Broodmother, Venomancer, Crystal Maiden, Earthshaker, Death Prophet


[17:56] - The match versus image Darer and image Moscow 5 will finally start as both teams are now setting up on the scene.


[15:45] - It's another day of action here in Kiev CyberSport Arena as image Moscow 5 will now play the final map of their image 2012 Qualifier versus image coL. Right after the team around PGG will take on image Darer who unexpectedly got into loser's bracket last night. Check the  full schedule for today below.

Tournament schedule:

  • Thursday- Semifinal: image Natus Vincere [2:0] image Moscow 5 (VOD G1, VOD G2)
  • Thursday- Semifinal: image Darer [1:2image CLG (VOD G1, VOD G2, VOD G3)
  • Friday, April, 27th, 17:00 CET - Loser's Bracket Finalimage Darer vs image Moscow 5
  • Friday, April, 27th, 20:00 CET - Winner Bracket Finalimage CLG vs image Natus Vincere
  • Saturday, April, 28th, 20:00 CET - Consolation Final
  • Sunday, April, 29th, 20:00 CET - Grand Final


Tournament hilights by image Na`Vi.HeLiCaL:



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