Starladder StarSeries DAY One Coverage


After a few months of play, tough battles and a lot of emotions, StarLadder is finally coming to an end! Na`Vi, M5, CLG and Darer will be fighting for the crown of StarLadder Series. 3 of the teams in finals are from Ukraine/Russia and even though M5 got there with a bit of help from It's Gosu who could not attend, we have got to be feeling proud!

M5, Darer and Na`Vi are all LAN beasts but CLG has also had a tremendous amount of LAN experience throughout their careers and are not to be underestimated. Loda and Akke have been a part of the renown SK squad, both attending a lot of events during their HoN career aswell. Mirakel was a part of the mousesports roster and after that - the legendary roster of Misery is no stranger to LAN events either, he's attented numerous LAN events throughout his professional career.

It's safe to say that Na`Vi are the favourites to win the event. And their stats in StarLadder shows it very well - 15 wins and zero losses, the only team that hasn't lost a game yet in the tourney.

Our team's going to be the first of the two teams to kick things off facing Moscow Five once again. Na`Vi beat them the last two times they met, but does this stomp show the true face of M5? Will PGG and his squad emerge from the ashes and take Na`Vi by surprise? We're going to find out today at 17.00 CET!

Some guys are going to have an awesome finish to their weekend. Who's it going to be? Be sure to watch the tournament to find out as a lot of epic moments await us!








[00:00] - CLG pulls a solid victory in the 3rd game and proceeds to the winner bracket final where they will face Na`Vi tomorrow at 20-21:00 CET. Meanwhile Darer is going to play versus Moscow Five at 18:00 CET tomorrow, stay tuned!


3d match picks:




[23:54] - Fresh on sight video, final moments of Na`Vi vs M5 match:



[23:15] - Shadow Fiend by GoD was simply a beast. It's 1:1 and we're now going into decisive 3rd game.


2nd match picks:




[22:17] - The first game versus Darer and CLG has just ended as we saw an impressive performance made by Swedes. After a rough start, the team around Pajkatt and Loda put few good fights which made them come back into the game. Few minutes after CLG started to gain advantage and their well performed teamfights saw them to crush the first line barracks (*while we were writing these lines we saw some Na`Vi guy rushing to our latop and continuing with his own insight: but Dendi is superman , so he rape them all ...*). Eventually Darer see no other chance just to write GG and start the second game that will go just in few minutes.


First game picks and bans:



[20:31 CET] - Second game finishes, image Na`Vi seal the deal and are now moving to the Winners Bracket final awaiting the winner of the clash between image Darer and image CLG which is going to be live soon! Both teams are setting up on stage and the Dota 2 action will start off in 15 minutes or so.
You can see the bans and picks of the 2nd game in the picture below:




Game 1 picks:



[19:17 CET] - Yet another video for those who want to see what's going on in Arena right now ;)

[19:05 CET] - Na`Vi convincingly beats M5 in the opening match within 20 minutes and will now start game 2.

[18:01 CET] - The match is about to start, players are setting up at the stage. Meanwhile we offer you an interview with CLG's stand-in - MiSery!

You can see the interview below:


[17:34 CET] - DotA 2 match is delayed due to Point Blank semifinal being played at the stage. It will start right after, approximately at 18 CET.

Tournament schedule:

  • Thursday, April, 26th, 17:00 CET - Semifinal: image Natus Vincere vs image Moscow 5
  • Thursday, April, 26th, 20:00 CET - Semifinal: image Darer vs image CLG
  • Friday, April, 27th, 15:00 CET - Loser's Bracket Final
  • Friday, April, 27th, 18:00 CET - Winner Bracket Final
  • Saturday, April, 28th, 20:00 CET - Consolation Final
  • Sunday, April, 29th, 20:00 CET - Grand Final
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