Nexon leaves South Korea


Dota 2 exclusive distributor in South Korea, Nexon, will no longer operate in the region. The contract having been terminated, the game will be distributed solely via Steam.


Such outcome is natural. Dota 2in South Korea has suffered problems. Being the game provider, Nexon was responsible for the work of the servers, the content of the game andthe development of eSports in the country. The content of the game was good: new items and treasures, available only on Nexon servers were added on the regular basis. However, the work of servers was poor, as they would often turn off for a couple of hours and even days. After the introduction of Reborn, the situation got even worse.


As concerns eSports, it was a disaster. Nexon held tournaments only under its auspices, providing no assistance to other organizers. The rules of the servers were severe: Korean IP-address and passport required to play. However, these rules were easily circumvented. 



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