SteelSeries 10th Anniversary!

We want to shower you – the gamers, fanboys, and n00bs – with hundreds of prizes and entire gaming peripheral set-ups of SteelSeries’ award winning gear. This is the largest giveaway we’ve ever done. Tell your friends. All of them. In fact, they’re going to help you get what you want.

From this
link, you’ll be guided through 3 steps leading up to the ultimate gaming set-up of your choice. Once you’ve entered your information and chosen what you would like to win, you’ll be prompted to share with your friends either via email or Facebook. Your friends can sign-up and do the same through your personalized, unique URL link or by notifying them directly on Facebook. The more people you tell, the better your chances are to win. The entrants with the most recruited friends, will take home the personalized SteelSeries gaming set-up grand prize. To keep you on your toes, SteelSeries will also choose, at random from the top 10,000 entries, one winner who will receive an gaming laptop valued at more than $2000 USD. We’re serious.

We’re not taking this anniversary celebration lightly so be sure to check out our
Facebook page everyday throughout this contest (and the year for that matter) as we’ll be partnering up, running promotions and giving away some serious loot. We’ll be announcing the winner exclusively on Facebook on Friday, March 18th. The contest begins now and will run until 12:00am CST on Friday, March 18th. Good luck!

link to get started.
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User Deleted
#1 28 February 2011, 15:14
Та ну кто его знает я б конечно хотел выграть коврик чёткий мне больше нечего и ненадо))) но я уверен што наврятли выграю)))
Тут есть кому выгровать)
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